You are fed up of hearing your passengers complain of a lack of leg room, and you are sick to death of struggling with the limited space in your boot. It is time to upgrade your car to something more practical.

When most drivers hear the term ‘estate car’ they think of something that is big, dull and boring, but that is really not the case. Here’s 6 examples, from the affordable to the downright terrifying.

1. The affordable one — Ford Focus ST — £23.500

The Ford Focus ST comes with the choice of a 2.0L petrol engine (250 HP) or a 2.0L diesel engine (185 HP), both of which are fast and very fun to drive. The petrol engine can keep up with smaller hot hatchbacks and so you won’t be short of driving fun. The all-new Focus was unveiled recently, so we can expect info on the the ST new model soon.

2. The bonkers one — Audi RS6 Avant — £81.470

The RS6 Avant is big, fast and expensive. Not only do you get the premium Audi badge, you also get a big fat 4.0L V8 engine that pushes out a staggering 552 HP. This power doesn’t mean you sacrifice luxury, the RS6 is also one of the most comfortable and lavish estates in the class, and so it should be for that price tag.

3. The fun one — Mini Clubman JCW (John Cooper Works) — £30.180

The Clubman is quite large as Minis go. This car has all the traditional bits that make up an estate, but it also comes with a beefy 2.0L TwinPower engine that produces 231 HP. Combine this with its all wheel drive system and you’ll have the ability to beat most cars off the line at the traffic lights. Being a Mini, it has a special way of making you smile and giggle with its unique feel and handling. If you want something fun, reasonably priced and practical, this could be your pick.

4. The Sophisticated one — Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo — £73.071

Porsche badge, check. 5 doors and a big boot, check. It might not look like an estate, but its got plenty of legroom for passengers and a large 520-litre boot. The bog-standard Sport Turismo has a sweet sounding V6 engine that pumps out 330 HP. Porsche has built a fast, luxurious human-transporter here.

5. The sensibly quick one — Volkswagen Golf R Estate — £36.100

The Golf R Estate uses the same 2.0L engine from the Golf R hatchback. This churns out a massive 310 HP. The inside of the car is well built and everything is easy to operate. Just like the hatchback, the Golf R Estate is the perfect combination of speed and daily usability, but with even more practicality. If you want to save yourself £3–4K, go for the Seat Leon Cupra ST which has similar performance figures and is built on the same platform as the Golf.

6. The Drivetribe HQ pick — Skoda Octavia vRS — £26.100

As selected by staff at Drivetribe HQ, the Octavia vRS is a rare sight on the roads, but that doesn’t mean it is not good. You get a turbocharged 2.0L engine with the choice of 230 HP or 245 HP depending on which option you go for. The vRS screams underdog which makes it all the more appealing to a driver that wants something a little different.


Buying a bigger car doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fun. What estate would you pick? If it is not on the list make sure you leave comment with your recommendation.

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