Watch the glory of this Honda S2000 overtaking a McLaren Senna:

(Skip to 30 seconds in for the good stuff)

Many millenia ago, the great Mr. Trackday had a brainwave. He realised it was outrageously unfair that most drivers couldn’t test their cars’ limits in their daily lives, as they were constrained by inescapable boundaries like speed limits and the need to not crash into a tree at 170mph and die.

I am officially Ayrton Senna.

It is because of Mr. Trackday that the track day exists today, so that people like YouTuber Zygrene have the opportunity to take their Honda S2000s to tracks and nestle their feet deep in the carpet for a few hours, clinging onto the steering wheel for dear life through their branded gloves.

One of the many wonders of the modern track day is its diversity. It brings together cars that otherwise might never meet. On a track day, all class barriers are forgotten. The Honda S2000 ploughs down straights and screeches around corners right alongside an almighty McLaren Senna and nobody bats an eyelid.

Track days also allow for otherwise inconceivable and genuinely mind-blowing phenomena to take place — this is one such occasion. In the video above, Zygrene’s Honda is initially overtaken by the omnipotent Senna, but at the next corner manages to pass it again on the inside with relative ease, allowing for the following stunning expression to take place.

There is, of course, a rational explanation for this. As it turns out, the Senna is owned by a gentle man by the name of Phil and he wasn’t exactly putting his foot down at the time. (Condolences, VTEC worshippers. Your day will come.)

Nonetheless, a Honda S2000 overtaking a Senna is not something you see every day (i.e. It is something you will never see again. Enjoy it.)

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