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Everyone of us has a story of the first car. What is yours?

So, I went on the Internet and I found this

This is a short interview with James May about his first car. Ever.

When James was 18, his father bought him the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1. That was a second-hand vehicle with around 100K miles on the clock. The car had been heavily exploited by that time. The engine did not sound and work right.

The father sold this car and bought James another. Another Cavalier Mk1. This time in blue.

According to James, there was nothing amusing about the Cavaliers. They had no in-dash clocks (important feature for young James). They went with the beige interior. But these were the cars James could drive!

And he did! He recalls that taking the blue Cavalier into the countryside. That was as exciting as going into space!

Now, every of us has a story of the first cars

Mazda 323F BA (or Lantis, Astina, Allegro, European Protege)

My story started with the Mazda 323F BA from 1997. It is much more of a car than you may think. It is often called “Mx-5 with a hardtop” or “the five-door Mx-5.” Lightweight with sharp handling. The four-door coupé.

Curious fact: the body of the 323F BA was designed by Ginger (Arnold) Ostle, who had earlier sketched the Porsche 928, 944 and 924. It is, thus, more slick and stylish than the other 323s of its herd. More sporty and aerodynamic (not boxy).

The first car is regarded by its drivers as a rolling dead. Bumps, dents, scratches, frictions, cracks, leaks and other afflictions belong to the first car by default. In majority of cases, the first car gets replaced by something better within three years.

Recalling my driving instructor: “Your first car is your first girlfriend. She is beautiful, caring, forgiving and fun to spend time with. But this does not mean that you should inevitably marry her. You should gain experience and become ready to meet other women in your life.”

What happened with me was I felt in love. Like a boy who hit into an experienced and passionate woman. And got tempted. And collapsed.

More of my story under this link. I promise, it is as good as Jame’s:

Now, do you remember your first car? Do you regret selling it

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