Ecuador — Love Life

Hey folks, we’ve been working hard lately to build a new and modern website for DriveVirtual. We’ve come up with a new logo, new branding and overall new image.

Further to this, we’ve been revamping our Windows client .NET app and we’ve also released a new responsive web app. Some of our customers are already on the newest versions and we’ll be upgrading all shortly.

Now, that’s not all the good news. We are extremely pleased to announce that we’ve started a pilot with the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in The Hague, after getting approval from the Ambassador herself and the IT department. The embassy now has DriveVirtual installed and it is being used and tested.

The pilot is part of a bigger project plan which is intended to roll out DriveVirtual to more Ecuadorian embassies and consulates over the world and also possibly extend it to local Ecuadorian government instances in Quito.

We are very enthusiastic about the great reception we have been given by the representatives of the Ecuadorian government and we look forward to expand DriveVirtual to more instances and departments of the government of this lovely and friendly nation.

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