5 Reasons why Resurfacing your Driveway is the Smart Choice

The 9-to-5 lifestyle for a young family or work-centric couple leaves little room for thinking about improving your driveway. ‘Why? It’s just where I leave my car or get into my house at’ we hear you protest … but there’s more to it than that, so read on …

If there’s anything that the team at Jennings Surfacing can suggest (in our humble opinion as specialists in Block Paving & Driveways in Surrey) is to invest some attention to what you currently have. Is it worn-down looking? What does it say about your home? Is it safe to drive-or-walk on? Do you find that you’re ignoring the mess staring you right in the face? We have 5 Reasons why that having your driveway renovated or replaced could be the smartest choice you’ve made for your home in years;

1 — Keeping up Appearances

You may mow the lawn, paint the house and weed the gutters religiously when you have the time — but there’s always going to be that glaring eye-sore in the shape of a poorly maintained or broken-down driveway to your home.

You can spot it easily enough, with discolouration of the paving or brick from the elements, and overall accumulated damages from chips, digs, wear and tear that we punish it with on a regular basis. Or it’s quite possible that a prior driveway laying was … ‘poor quality’, and you can’t deal with it anymore.

There a numerous styles, types of brick and designs of driveway that could be chosen to compliment your home — hex red brick paving is very popular, along with the asphalting — and can really pull together a well-presented home.

2 — Investments Pay-off!

If you already know that whatever work you put into improving your home — then why shouldn’t that extend to your driveway? Numerous surveys have seen property values increase by up-to 8% when a high-quality driveway to a home was put into the estimation. Along with other additions such as extensions, loft conversions or conservatories — a well-lain driveway could mean add thousands of pounds onto the price of your property.

It’s like putting in pennies into your piggy bank and get back full pounds, so Jennings Surfacing at the very least recommend highly you invest in your home if you plan on living at the property for some time — might as well leave with more cash than you arrived with, right?

3 — Long-Lasting Resilience

We keep harping on about it, but like any surface that sees a lot of traffic a driveway is a constant back-and-forth route to and from your front door — so you want to know that it can handle that and the weight of several tonnes of occupied car or people carrier resting on it.

A professional surfacing and block paving crew like us always insist that our Surrey installations are in-depth and we don’t cut-corners on the labour. A strong foundation to the driveway is key and so invest a great deal of attention into getting that right. Failing that — it’s likely if one part subsists it’ll at best break-up the surface and at worst …

4 — Safety First

… obviously below ground are buried a lot of our convenient sources of electricity, water and sewage piping. Now we bring this up because there’s been numerous occasions where;

- Bad weather has caused sinkholes to form due to rainfall breaking apart the foundation.

- Uneven Surface foundations and subsistence has flipped a car overnight once; destroying half a garden.

- A gas pipe has been pressed, causing a potential pressure bottle-neck that could have had disastrous consequences.

These sound like horror stories but they do happen. Besides those extremes; having a water-logged garden, lack of running water, electricity or gas is a major inconvenience to you and your home life so we highly recommend you take this to consideration.

5 — Future Proof!

The charm of not holding off and procrastinating about making an improvement on the driveway is that — once done — it’s good as guaranteed for well-over a decade should you choose the right surfacing specialists. There’s shoddy workmanship and cowboys, certainly, but if you choose right and get a dedicated team of driveway construction professionals in to do it right — you needn’t think of it again for a long while. (Or it may set you off on a home improvement rampage BUT at least we warned you!)

Jennings Surfacing are extremely proud of every project with worked on. Our staff has over 40-years of accumulated experience, so when should you need advice or a plan put into action for building, repairing or renovating your driveway, you can get in touch with us on 01372 383311 or fill out our contact form with your query and we’ll reply back to you ASAP. For more information you can visit at: http://www.jennings-surfacing.co.uk/driveways_surrey.html