My Journey

For two years now becoming any type of surgeon or doctor working to help and satisfy the lives of others has been an interest. As a high school kid, when often asked what I’d like to be the first thing that pops up to mind is becoming a surgeon and engaging in live surgery. In the summer of my 8th grade I started researching about becoming different types of doctors, practicing in medicine and health. I started to become interested in becoming a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, pediatric surgeon, and a cardiothoracic surgeon. As a young child at the age of 12 I witnessed the first death in my family. She was my mom’s aunt, and she had the kindest heart. I always wished I could have saved her or found a cure to her horrible disease, to save all the trouble and heartache my mom’s family went through. This interest grew along with me as I matured more and more. Last year of 2015 somebody who I valued so much, her father was diagonsed with brain cancer. Although I was still young seeing her/him go through that everyday and still putting a smile on her/his face knowing her/his father was in serious bad condition made me more passionate about this idea of saving people’s lives. I want for everyone to feel this different form of happiness the way I feel it when I do something good.

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