New Media and Digital Identity

Over the summer of 2016, I signed up for a summer course at my school. Mr. Green, my teacher, is the main reason as to why I started writing blogs and have valued education more. His vast understanding and knowledge of education continued to amaze me for the entire week we spent together. He has taught me that education isn’t about going to school sitting down in a boring ass class learning 5 courses that aren’t part of your interests, just so you can go back home sit down for another 2–4 hours trying to cram in as much information into your head the night before an assessment. Education is about being able to retain information, it’s about wanting to wake up in the morning, go to school and look forward to learning something that you care about. I have found that in this course by finding an intrest and researching, watching videos, and talking about it helped me enjoy education a little. And now I’m blogging about that experience to help others get the same satisfaction (and retention) out of their learning. I think more high schools should provide courses like this where the content is up to each individual student rather than the teacher. Check out @Mrshakedown’s work on his Twitter and his Blog