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Launch Of World’s First Wearable, Non-Invasive, Continuous, Blood Glucose Estimation Technology Using WRMT’s Smart Wristband, Helo, Will Generate Recurring Revenues For WRMT

MIAMI, Jan. 10, 2017 — World Media & Technology Corp. (“Wor(l)d”) ( (OTC PINK: WRMT), today announced that its research activity generating non-invasive, continuous blood glucose estimates has been found to be sufficiently accurate to allow WRMT to proceed to full integration of the algorithm in the Helo platform so WRMT can offer blood glucose estimation as a service in Q4'17 to Helo wearers who choose to pay an initial set-up fee and an ongoing monthly charge.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, 415 million people worldwide (1 in 11 people) have diabetes consuming 12% of global health expenditure ($673B) in 2015. The American Diabetes Association advises that in the US, nearly 30 million (1 in 8) people have diabetes and $1 in $5 health care dollars is spent caring for people with diabetes. Americans with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of about $13,700 per year, of which about $7,900 is attributed to diabetes.

The importance of blood glucose (blood sugar) monitoring is the main tool used to check diabetes control. The current mainstream blood glucose measurement process is to use a lancing device on the side of the fingertip to get a drop of blood, touch the test strip to the drop of blood, and wait for the result. Apart from being painful for the diabetic, there are health risks due to the invasive nature of the process as well as measurement compliance and recording issues.

Helo’s features today include measurement of Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis for mood and energy levels along with measuring steps, distance and calorie burn. However, this is the first time anyone has used a photoplethysmograph (PPG) to estimate blood glucose levels and incorporate the technology into a wearable device to provide convenient, non-invasive blood glucose estimation and logging on a continuous basis.

Helo is not a medical device, but continuous measurement of blood glucose estimates are expected to be helpful in understanding blood glucose changes over time, aid compliance and support a pre-diabetic seeking to change their lifestyle to avoid diabetes.

WRMT’s blood glucose estimation service is non-invasive, and can be scheduled to record blood glucose estimates routinely with readings stored in Helo’s LifeLog for easy presentation to the diabetic’s health care provider. In the event that Helo detects a blood glucose problem, Helo’s Guardian service will automatically alert the wearer and their care giver. It is expected that this service will initially be available in Q4'17, to all Helo wearers who opt-in for the service and who pay the initial fee to cover registration and to start blood glucose monitoring.

Fabio Galdi, CEO, World Media & Technology Corp., said, “I am personally excited by this development. It is the first time that I am aware that PPG technology has been used to estimate blood glucose in a wearable device designed for the consumer wellness market. It will address a very real, painful and expensive need. Our test results have proven consistent with traditional blood glucose measurements so we have decided to start integration to provide this as a full Helo service later this year.” He continued, “By the time that we launch, we will have enough Helo wearers all over the world to generate a very valuable blood glucose data base. Our plan is to share this data via our Big Data Portal with appropriate research partners. We are sure that together we can gain valuable insights and who knows, maybe somewhere, buried below all that data our research partners may find the cure for diabetes!

Dr. Gordon Jones, a doctor of health administration with twenty five years of work in digital health and technology, said, “With all my work in virtually every sector of healthcare, from health systems and physicians, to chronic care management and wellness organizations, and everything in between to serve our patients with high quality healthcare, I have never seen a technology as comprehensive as the Helo device. We are truly creating a personalized health ecosystem around our customers that enables them to aggregate all their health and fitness data, including DNA information in the near future, that will lead them to push their doctors to prescribe personalized medical and health plans. Through a personalized and monitored health and wellness program, we can truly figure out, with our personal care team, the best path to a healthy lifestyle. The Helo app ecosystem with the WeCare engagement and the Lifelog platform, will enable 10s of millions of individuals and families to change their health status to live a higher quality of life. It’s amazing and that is why I have joined the Wor(l)d Global Network.

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Dr. Gordon Jones is a serial entrepreneur with his creative work born through his innovation development company, Birddog.Ventures. He is also the Principal Personal Development Coach for Follow him above, connect with him on LinkedIn, and/or view all of DrJ’s Pulse articles!

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