How to Effectively Build Your Social Media Brand in 2019

Dr. Jan McBarron
3 min readJun 24, 2019

It’s becoming harder to stand out on social media in 2019. Popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been around for more than a decade, and with their longevity comes a massive user base that’s constantly competing for digital real estate and attention.

The best way to rise above the noise is by building a brand that people not only recognize, but also want to interact with and be a part of.

Having been in private practice for over 30 years, Dr. Jan McBarron notes that a successful social media brand isn’t much different than building your professional image in the physical space.

She’s sharing four factors that have helped her to become an influencer on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media networks:

1. Focus on Meaningful Connections

Social media is getting crowded, especially as more businesses start taking an interest in tapping into social audiences. But because so many businesses are clamoring for attention, it’s hard to tell which ones are in it to connect with their customers and which ones are simply trying to make a sale.

“Social media hasn’t lost all the shine and promise it once had,” says McBarron. “But taking advantage of captive audiences doesn’t happen by accident. You need to have something worth saying or doing something that people actually care about.”

Meaningful connections are everything on social media these days. People don’t want to hear sales pitch after sales pitch, they want to learn about the value you can give them.

2. Stay Active and Engaged

The benefits of social media are compounding, claims Dr. Jan McBarron, who is active on various social media platforms and has a large as well as active fan base. That one time you posted a blog or shared a funny meme isn’t going to net you long-term results.

Users want to visit businesses on social media that are in the game. When they see a business hasn’t posted something in over a year, they don’t want to waste their time and likely won’t try to connect with you.

3. Encourage Participation

Think of social media as a dialogue, not your own personal speaker box. Powerful brands are built on social media because it allows others to get involved in the conversation. Take care to reply directly to comments, check your messages, and encourage engagement on your posts. The more people are actively involved with you, the greater chance you have of making the impact you want.

4. Match Your Social Media Persona to Your Online Presence

When people see you on Twitter, they should see that same persona on YouTube, Facebook, or any other channel you’re on. Dr. Jan McBarron believes that maintaining a consistent persona is critical to building credibility with your audience. Whoever you choose to be on social media should be the same person on your website and in person.

Dr. McBarron is no longer in private practice, but she remains active in the brand she built more than 30 years ago. “The only difference is where people find me and how they engage,” notes McBarron. “When people find a brand that provides something consistent, genuine, and valuable, it’s hard not to take notice.”



Dr. Jan McBarron

Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor is an award winning Bariatric Medical Doctor, author and popular public speaker.