Jan McBarron on Why You Should Consider Pursuing a Health-Related Post-Secondary Program

With the country’s increasing aging population and a rise in healthcare needs, there’s never been a better time to join the field. The highest paying jobs in healthcare will require a post-secondary degree, which can be expensive but will also result in the biggest payoff.

If you’re nervous about starting a new career or crossing the bridge from your current healthcare role into a higher level, such as a doctor, rest assured it can be done. Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor is one of many award-winning physicians who started out as a nurse and decided to contribute her care and compassion for patients in a different way.

Consider the following reasons why a career in healthcare is a promising opportunity:

Jan McBarron highly recommends students to consider a career in health-sciences

1. Increased Job Security

The healthcare industry is slated to grow 18% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster by comparison than other industries. There will always be a need for quality healthcare, especially as the Baby Boomers enter retirement.

Right now, there are about 40,000 vacant healthcare jobs in the VA area lone, with thousands more throughout the country. Graduates should be able to walk across the stage, diploma in hand, and enter a lucrative job in healthcare without much delay. Not many other areas of study can say the same.

2. High Salary

According to Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor, the healthcare industry is filled with positions varying from minimum wage up to six-figure salaries. Depending on your area of study, you could start making a sizeable income almost immediately after graduation.

The highest paying jobs in healthcare are physicians and specialists, whose average salary is about $230,000 per year. The average Physician’s Assistant salary is about $104,000, while a Nurse Practitioner brings in about $105,000.

If you don’t want to invest in a decade’s worth of education, roles like a pharmacist, radiation therapist, physical therapist, or registered nurse can provide you a comfortable living with a shorter educational program.

3. Path to Advancement

Healthcare is a complex organization with multiple tiers, roles, and skill levels. No matter where you enter the field, there will always be ways for you to advance your career. Many organizations will pay for your training because they know they will benefit from the investment. It also costs them less to promote someone from within than try to hire someone from the outside.

In some cases, your employer may give you time off to attend school or work around your school schedule so that you can continue working while you study. Not many industries are willing or able to invest in their people like the healthcare industry, so consider this when exploring your options.

The payoff of a healthcare career is rewarding, but the price to get there can be expensive. Dr. McBarron recently established the Dr. Jan McBarron Scholarship Program to help hopeful students pursue their career dreams without some of the financial burden of post-secondary education.

Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor is an award winning Bariatric Medical Doctor, author and popular public speaker.

Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor is an award winning Bariatric Medical Doctor, author and popular public speaker.