Weight Loss Specialist Jan McBarron Highlights the Key Benefits of Cutting Red Meat from Your Diet

If you’re thinking about reducing or eliminating red meat from your diet, then according to many nutritionists, dieticians, and other health care professionals such as Jan McBarron, an acclaimed and award-winning bariatric physician who championed the practice of non-surgical weight loss in the U.S., you’re definitely on the right track. Here are the four key reasons why Jan McBarron and other weight-loss specialists state cutting red meat from your diet is beneficial:

You’ll Boost Your Overall Health and Reduce Your Risks

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As noted by the Mayo Clinic, research has shown that people who significantly reduce their intake of red meat are at a lower risk of death from Stroke, Diabetes and Heart Disease, compared to people who regularly consume red meat.

Adds Jan McBarron, who currently focuses on writing, consulting, public speaking, and engaging her global community through social media: “The situation is even more dire for people who regularly consume processed meat, such as canned meat, bacon, sausage, lunch meat, and any other meat that is processed in some manner in order to preserve the flavor. Studies suggest a link between a high intake of processed meat and a higher risk of chronic diseases and mortality. Processed meats are also typically loaded with sodium-rich additives which further complicate health.”

You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Obesity

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According to Jan McBarron, lean proteins, such as those found in legumes, beans, nuts, and tofu, are a great protein alternative to red meat. They also mix extremely well with other complimentary dishes. For example, beans are a nutritious and delicious addition to salads, and many people who regularly eat meat in stir-fry dishes find tofu blends in better with the vegetables and sauces and is much easier on their digestive system.

You’ll Save Money on Groceries and in Restaurants

If eliminating red meat entirely isn’t in the cards, then it’s still worthwhile choosing leaner selections in smaller portions. The dent in your budget and the burden on your health will be lower. Eating out in restaurants is also typically much cheaper, and the food is fresher and more colorful.

You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Help the Environment

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Cutting back on driving, switching to hybrid vehicles, recycling, and switching to solar are all things that individuals and families can do to be part of the environmental solution. However, according to Jan McBarron cutting back on red meat is the single most impactful and vital. In fact, some scientists are saying that unless people around the world reduce meat and dairy consumption by 50 percent in the near future, the effects of climate change and pollution are going to become catastrophic — especially as the planet struggles to feed a population that is estimated to reach 10 billion by the year 2050.

Jan McBarron’s Final Thoughts

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Dr. Jan McBarron of Duke and the Doctor is an award winning Bariatric Medical Doctor, author and popular public speaker.

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