What does the Bible really say?

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Does being a Christian mean we are to tolerate abuse? Recently, I have seen several Christian women respond to comments on abusive behavior with a call to forgiveness and ‘turning the other cheek’. Some people construe Jesus’ command to ‘turn the other cheek’ coupled with the command from Ephesians 5:22 for wives to submit to their husbands as saying that God calls us to tolerate abuse and simply pray for our abusive husbands. But is that really what God is calling us to do?

Many women have heard ‘the submission verse’ (Ephesians 5:22) preached to them. But there is a correlation to that verse. Men also have a specific command in regards to the way they are to treat their wives. In Ephesians 5:25, husbands are called to love their wives and sacrifice themselves for her, loving them as they love themselves. In Ephesians 5:21, husbands and wives are called to submit to each other, putting each other’s needs first. This is the principal of Godly marriage. It is not domination and fearful submission. …

Uncovering the link between hearing loss and different forms of abuse

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You’d look prettier if you weren’t wearing hearing aids.” “You should just stop wearing hearing aids. You can’t hear anything anyway.” “Deaf people aren’t smart.” “Your voice sounds funny.” “This is a demanding position. I don’t think you could handle it with your hearing loss.” “You don’t belong in this course. Deaf people can’t be….doctors, nurses, engineers, musicians, etc.” “No, we can’t get an interpreter. Can’t you just read lips?

Have you heard any of these?

Many people in the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community have experienced some of this. I have as well. We tend to be underestimated and in some cases, undervalued. The Deaf and hard of hearing community deals with microaggressions on a daily basis. Barriers to communication are prevalent in general society. Assumptions are made about our intelligence or our general capacity. Employment and educational opportunities are often difficult to access. Despite having protection from the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) or a similar law in other countries, we are often not able to access the resources we need to thrive. …

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Braelynne struggled to open her eyes. Her eyelids felt heavy, tied down by the weight of the world. The weight of sorrow and grief. Her mind felt foggy. What had happened last night? Her thoughts drifted. The dim recollection of Seth’s voice floated back to her.

“Useless. That’s all you will ever be,” he spat the words at her. He hurled his words at her like a knife and seemed to enjoy the stricken look on her face. “I’m going to do what I want and you have no right to stop me. You can’t keep me from seeing Jae-Anne. Don’t even try. …

Why I need my full concentration to listen

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‘No time to read? Download the audible version!’ ‘Instead of reading a blog, listen to our podcast on the go!’

Podcasts and Audible books offer the promise of learning on the go. The idea is that you don’t have to interrupt your day to listen. You can continue your normal activities while listening to someone teach you how to make money, write a book, eat the right foods, etc. In our time-crunched, instant-access culture, it seems the perfect solution. We are all busy…far too busy to sit down and read to learn. Now we can learn through listening and we can do it anyplace…on our commute, while doing chores, while going for a walk. …

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The City holds its breath

Trapped under a wave of endless heat

I stand suspended

Each second an eternity

Caught in the chasm of time and space

Each breath echoes

The sound of my heartbeat.

Life rushes on

An endless sea

But we are frozen

Simply going through the motions

Only a faint echo remains of our humanity.

Fake smiles and crocodile tears

Compassion holds no weight here

We mask our pain

Glib words and callous shrugs

Our souls cry out

Into the abyss.

The City moves on

A dizzying pattern of busyness

Too much in a hurry

To hear a child’s…

Want to Make Your Zoom Meetings or Classroom More Accessible by Adding Captions? Here’s How to Do It.

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Digital learning is changing the world. The trend towards digital learning and communication has been accelerated by the global pandemic. Overnight, Zoom has become a primary platform for many students and employees to learn or collaborate through meetings and online projects. But it can also pose some unique challenges for those who are hard of hearing or Deaf or those for whom English is a second language. How do we make it accessible?

One of the ways to increase accessibility is through using live closed captioning. This ensures that participants can see captions of what is being said in live time. While closed captioning is commonly used for previously recorded videos and for TV, Live captioning is fairly new and many people may not be familiar with it. Here is how to add captions simply and easily (and for free!). …

Transforming hurt into healing

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Quiet anguish bubbling up, filling my being. I hadn’t noticed it for so long, the dull ache of a battered and bruised heart. And then…like the way the steady drip of an unseen leak can send a fortress crashing down, the dam burst. The pain demanded to make itself known. My throat clogged with unshed tears, my eyes beginning their own silent leak, the water of pain rolling down my cheeks.

I breathe. Try to get myself together. Not here. Not now. I don’t want to draw attention to myself.

The voices of my insecurities, which I had shoved to the far recesses of my brain, start to assert themselves. The whispered lies become shouts. Condemnation and guilt. Promises of a life of loneliness. Of a broken heart that will never heal. …

Quarantine and the day after the Crucifixion

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Stillness. The world is at a standstill right now. Streets are empty. Children are home from school. Parks and play areas are closed. We wait.

We wait in fear. We wait in anticipation. In this time of uncertainty, the only question on many people’s lips is, “How long?”

How long will this pandemic rage on? How long will the shutdown last? Will I get sick? Will my loved ones get sick? Will I lose someone to this virus? Will I lose my job, my financial source of income? Will my business survive? Will the economy crash? Will I be able to provide for my family or myself? Will things ever go back to normal? …

Contemplating the true meaning of Easter in the midst of tragedy

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Easter is approaching. But for many people, there will be no Easter bunny, no egg hunt, no new outfit or large church service. Easter will be spent quietly at home or on the frontlines, risking their lives to save lives or make sure that essential services continue. In this time of sadness and tragedy, we may think we have no hope.

But there is hope. Even as our lives come to a standstill or ramp into overdrive, we can still have hope of the resurrection. Jesus broke the bonds of death. He has come to ‘make all things new’ (Revelation 21:5). …

Why the Deaf and hard of hearing community is uniquely vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of Covid-19

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Around the world, life has come to a standstill. Businesses are closed. People are quarantined. Health officials warn people to stay at home and away from others. As more people are rushed to the hospital and the number of cases continues to rise, fear is pervasive. The global economy is crashing as businesses are shut down and jobs are lost. This pandemic has exposed those who are most vulnerable: the poor, the elderly, the immunocompromised….and the Deaf community.

Lack of Communication and Information in Sign Language

This pandemic has exposed and heightened much of the discrimination that the Deaf community faces on a daily basis. The lack of information available in sign language is hindering the Deaf community from being able to protect themselves from the virus. Some countries have more access than others. In the U.S., most state governors have ASL interpreters at their public health briefings, however, the daily Presidential briefings do not have ASL interpreters, prompting complaints from the National Association of the Deaf and the National Council on Disability. …


Jenny Beck

Jenny Beck is a chiropractor and an advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. She loves to write and travel, living in Asia, Africa and the U.S.

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