7 Pillars of a Millionaire Mindset

Confusion creates conflict, conflict leads to frustration, frustration creates disappointment, and disappointment triggers anger.

Does this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone.

So many of us, despite our best intentions to be better, succumb to a chronic pattern of confusion, frustration, and disappointment that holds us back in life.

The good news is you can break through this cycle fairly quickly…and all it takes is a shift in mindset. Specifically, a willingness to adopt a millionaire-style-mindset.

No, not all millionaires are free from frustration, anger, and conflict (oftentimes it’s quite the opposite).

When I say “millionaire-mindset” I’m talking about those who have overcome the odds and found wealth in their lives, careers, and relationships.

Yes, they are rich in terms of finances, but also in their freedom, influence, and inner strength.

I will be sharing the 7 pillars of a millionaire mindset coming up…

…but first we must take an honest look at 7 common self-defeating habits that will hold you back from actualizing your dreams and life’s purpose.

Are you willing to dig deep? Then let’s get into it:

  • Self-defeating habit #1: Not planning your day — you would never take a family vacation completely unprepared. Yet most people never take 5–10 minutes to consciously plan and prioritize their day.

You can do this in the morning or the night before you go to bed; visualize your day as best you can, make a list of what needs to be done, and prioritize. This small exercise will change your whole life if practiced consistently.

  • Self-defeating habit #2: Being inconsistent in your expression and how you go about your daily routine — this ultimately comes from self-defeating habit #1, not planning your day.

When you have a plan you start your day prepared, confident, energized, and focused. With focus comes consistency of expression, and that leads to trust and expansion of your influence.

When people know they can count on you, opportunities and connections abound.

  • Self-defeating habit #3: Indulging in relationships, conversations, or media that are not mentally healthy — part of a millionaire mindset is learning to surround yourself with people, circumstances, and technologies that foster your personal growth and development.

Though gossiping with a co-worker or checking FaceBook every 10 minutes may seem harmless, these little distractions are demotivating and will quickly sap your energy and focus.

  • Self-defeating habit #4: Focusing on low-priority tasks and issues — once again, daily planning is key in overcoming this habit. When you are tired, unfocused, and without direction it can be all to easy to waste your hours, days, and months on “easy” low-priority tasks.

Do you really need to respond to every email the moment it comes in? Resolve to complete your high-priority tasks (which usually end up being your most lucrative and fulfilling tasks) FIRST and watch your productivity soar.

  • Self-defeating habit #5: Leaving tasks, projects, or commitments incomplete — incomplete projects sap energy, create mental clutter, and ultimately hurt your sphere of influence.

Those who want respect must learn to honor their commitments 100%. Make it your mission to do so and your life will open up.

  • Self-defeating habit #6: Neglecting your physical health — as a chiropractor I used to see this every day. People would get stuck at phases in their lives, careers, etc. because of their health and lifestyle choices.

We’ll cover this more in future posts, but start by eliminating processed foods, move more, get a handle on stress, go to bed earlier, and find a practitioner you can trust to guide you on your journey back to health.

  • Self-defeating habit #7: Living life with scattered purpose — with so many self-help books, gurus, and purpose-programs out there, it’s easy to fall into the soul-sucking purpose-of-the-week club.

I know, I’ve been there. But successful people are able to focus their purpose as it relates to their present truth, goals, and dreams and stick with it. It all comes back to focus.

It can be hard to look at these things in yourself with honesty, believe me I’ve gone through it many times.

But changing habits and practicing consistency allows you to adapt and challenge yourself. Average people have excuses, justify, and blame, if being average is okay for you then you might be abusing your life and gifts.

Now let’s get into the “fun” part of this post and look at the 7 pillars of a millionaire mindset.

7 pillars of a millionaire mindset

  • Pillar #1: Clarity — cuts through confusion, helps you remain calm from within when making decisions, helps you stand strong and weather negativity when first arises.
  • Pillar #2: Commitment — keeps you on course when life throws you a curve ball, sees you through moments of doubt, will help you manage your internal fears and bring you through the emotional ups and downs with clarity.
  • Pillar #3: Imagination — allows you to create your path to success and adapt to inevitable changes, challenges, and bumps in the road.
  • Pillar #4: Seeking challenges — this allows you to continuously progress in your life’s journey and purpose.

“Once you arrive”…what’s next? A millionaire-mindset doesn’t want to stay in the soup wading in a pool of no more possibility, it looks for the next challenge, the next opportunity to grow and live life glory unto glory.

  • Pillar #5: Thinking unconventionally — there’s an old Chinese proverb that says something along the lines of, “your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, and your character becomes your destiny“.

If you want an uncommon life, it all starts with your thoughts. Create a masterpiece from within by being the amazing YOU that you were created to be

  • Pillar #6: Resilience — do not spend your whole life avoiding what feels uncomfortable to decrease your failures. You will lose if you do so.

Failure is an important component of success and the surest way to fail is to never try at all.

The world’s richest people have failed tons of times. You can’t become GREAT if you’re not willing to experience successes and failures…so hurry up and fail already!

  • Pillar #7: Destiny — your life has a purpose, if you don’t understand yours then MOVE. Movement gives energy in a positive direction.

I always tell clients, it is not about who and what you are supposed to be in the future and what you will do, rather it is about who you are today and what kind of meaning you bring to yourself and others in the present moment. That’s what matters.

So you’ve started to dig deep by looking at the 7 most common self-defeating habits, and we’ve shared the 7 pillars of a millionaire mindset, now, tie this all together with Discipline.

Discipline to do the work, to have complete clarity, to control your physical, mental, and emotional clutter, and discipline to hang onto the courage that will propel you to go after and complete your life plan.

Dr. J