How to Detect Fake News in Real-Time
Krishna Bharat

As many have noted, addressing fake news is best done at the level of the major platforms.

Indeed but to those platforms must be added CNN, The BBC, Fox and The New York Times. These organisations and others of the main-stream, aka the establishment, many of whom were so out of touch with the people they allege to serve that they dismissed out of hand the idea that Trump could get elected and continue to look down their noses at him spent the last month acting an arm of US foreign policy.

Four weeks ago there was no crisis over North Korea. Then these august defenders of objectivity started reminding people what a nasty person is Kim Jong Un. After a few days of their own stories they then started referring to the crisis over N Korea. Meanwhile the anti-ballistic missile system trundled off the US planes in S Korea. The large protests in S Korea against this went largely un-reported. As talk of the threat from the north was ramped up the poll ratings of Moon Jae-in, the presidential candidate in S Korea who prefers more contact with China and less influence from the US were ramped down.

Crucially, Moon had also expressed the desire for the missile deployment to be delayed.

The missiles are in place, US foreign policy has not been upset and the crisis is no longer front page news.

It’s not an algorithm people need, Krishna, it’s education.

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