Marxists and Jeremy Corbyn.
Tom Delargy

Case not proven Tom. It’s not necessary to trawl through the attempts over the last century to move Labour to the left and what has happened to the people and organizations who have tried. Ask yourself this. When Corbyn gets elected and the ruling class stop being content with liberal democracy and instead launches a vicious economic class war against every avenue of Labour policy, what will Corbyn have as a response ?

The progress of the labour left has been inspiring. I’ve been right behind it, still am, it’s playing a crucial rôle in shifting political culture, undoing some of the long-term damage inflicted by Thatcher’s ideological victories. The answer to the question above, however, is nothing. The fatal flaw of the Labour left is that they believe that the ruling class actually believes in democracy.

Are they just hiding it well ? Do they really understand this time and are just keeping their preparations secret ? It would be a really bad way of going about it but the evidence is to the contrary. A movement that truly understood the barriers facing any real change would not be encouraging it’s supporters to demand that the state provides more police.

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