Labour Friends of Israel & the Zionists are Set to Relaunch False ‘Anti-Semitism’ Campaign
Tony Greenstein

It is essential that if there is a further round of false ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations that Jeremy Corbyn stands firm and calls it out.”

Absolutely. If I was a member of the LP I’d be demanding that Ryan be suspended and investigated for flagrantly helping another party do better at the polls.

I’d like to see the leadership be more pro-active over this. This cynical manipulation of anti-racist sentiment undermines not only the fight against racism by the LP but by the whole left at a time when the threat from the racist right is growing again.

So far people’s reaction in the UK to provocation by opponents of democracy — whether the clerical or secular right — has been overwhelmingly inclusive, a clear refusual to be pushed into the narrow reaction that we have seen in the US. This won’t last forever.

If those liberals inside the LP who are tempted by the entrism of the Israel lobby are really appalled by the emergence of Trump the last thing they should do is help to discredit the left as the bastion of anti-racism by supporting bogus accusations of anti-semitism. A strong left is what is keeping the right at bay and ensuring that UKIP support collapsed at the election.

I wonder if Shami Chakrabarti and Yvette Cooper actually understand that to a Jewish Zionist they are as inevitably and undeniably anti-semitic as David Irving or the far-right Christian Zionist, Tommy Robinson ?

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