Simple wisdom to cope with a crisis that no one has dealt with before

By J. E. Williams

Dr. Williams is the author of Viral Immunity and a visiting professor at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. He practices integrative medicine with an emphasis on chronic persistent viral infections.

June 13, 2020

“Every new pandemic starts as a mystery.” David Quammen

The last sunlight of the day filtered through six towering pines in my backyard. Golden sunshine, yellow layered over the green pine needles, highlighted limbs far overhead. In the highest branches of one tree, a pair of crows tended a nest, camouflaged so well by limbs and needles; it was all but invisible from…

From my lecture series in March 2018 at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA

Alternative medicine is no longer an alternative. In fact, what was once alternative is now called integrative therapies, or functional medicine, and sometimes complementary medicine (CM). Natural therapies used in CM have become integral to peoples lifestyles because of how they want to treat illness and be treated by their doctor. Whatever it’s called, professionally administered non-conventional natural therapies are part of the mainstream. Moreover, there are good reasons for this trend.

Take cancer treatment for an example. Surveys estimate that between 48% and 88% of cancer patients use some form of non-traditional therapy. When alternative practitioners, including MDs practicing…

For a full break down of Dr. William’s natural prescriptions for beating the flu, check out his three part blog here.

For many, it was a harsh start for the New Year. The worst flu in a decade caused fear in Europe and Britain. It hit Canada and the U.S. hard. Like a biological terrorist, it found unlikely targets.

In the first week of January 2018, a healthy 18-year-old girl caught the Aussie flu. It quickly progressed to pneumonia. She was airlifted from her home in Applecross, Scotland to a hospital in Inverness. …

“A personal health code embraces your nutritional philosophy.”

New Year’s Day signifies a new beginning. But is it genuinely new?

Instead of making promises you won’t keep, why not try something more meaningful this year? Instead of tricks and patchwork resolutions, why not establish a health strategy; better yet, set upon a life plan that is compatible with your beliefs and goals?

Forget about giving up things. Add positive habits like taking a probiotic daily.

Don’t make resolutions that you will break by the end of January. Save the cost of a gym membership that you won’t use and buy that perfect pair of walking shoes.

Don’t emphasize…

Early morning on Turtle Beach, Siesta Key, Florida — January 01, 2018. Photo: J. E. Williams

The day I first drove through Leucadia was mist-covered. Late afternoon sun illuminated rows of giant eucalyptus trees along Pacific Coast Highway 101. It felt like I had entered a magical kingdom. I moved to Encinitas, California in the spring of 1978 to practice meditation as taught by Paramahansa Yoganandya’s lineage of monks and nuns.

The Autobiography of a Yogi is a classic. But, Yogananda’s little book, Scientific Healing Affirmations, influenced the rest of my life. It appears there’s some real science to affirmation. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that self-affirmation activates the brain’s reward centers. …

My time in Florida has been marked by storms. I am as if tattooed in spirals. Dark Polynesian royal blue bands etched around my heart. I go cautiously, but without hesitation, to touch the source of consciousness in wind and rain, thunder and lightning, to peer into the counterclockwise helix, the macro DNA spiral of a storm.

On Friday, August 13, 2004, I drove away from my home of thirty-eight years in Southern California to South Florida, more than 2,500 miles away, the same day Hurricane Charley screamed into Charlotte Harbor near Fort Myers, Florida. I hoped for a simpler…

In 1998, I pitched my literary agent a book idea that I thought had bestseller written all over it. The title, The ProActive Patient, was meant as a call for Americans to take more responsibility for their health care. By enlisting physicians as partners in health care, my idea encompassed healthy diet, nutritional supplements, exercise — a genuinely preventative lifestyle — and transparency of medical records.

I explained that in an age of specialists where no one doctor manages a case, it called for patients to keep their medical records. There were no electronic health records (EHRs) like Power2Practice then…

We are moving past the threshold of doubt about the coming environmental crisis. The luxury of previous procrastination allowed easy waiting for politicians while scientists debated our future and corporations controlled the world and profited from societal denial.

We are witnessing no less than a change in worldview; a paradigm shift of perception about to be translated into practice. As far as the future of medicine goes, this is the time between lightning and thunder. We’ve seen the flash and are waiting for the rumble signaling the coming rain. Like the moisture from a welcome rain, what we do now…

More people die from medical errors, including misdiagnosis, than are killed in car accidents. What can you do to avoid getting the wrong diagnosis?

Getting the wrong cancer diagnosis sets into motion a clinical approach that may or may not be proven effective. You may even get dangerous treatments that are unnecessary.

Misdiagnosis is more common than you think. A recent study found that about 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed every year. That rate of misdiagnosis is alarmingly high. Studies show at least 20 percent of the time patients receive treatment for the wrong condition.

In 1999, the Institute of…

J. E. Williams, OMD

Thoughtful clinician, writer, photographer, promoting good science and healthy lifestyle for personal wellness and global sustainability.

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