Dr. J. Fred Stoner Discusses PALS and Pain Management

Dr. J. Fred Stoner
Apr 30 · 3 min read

Like many others in the healthcare field, Dr. J. Fred Stoner residing in New Castle, Pennsylvania has a very personal reason for becoming a physician. For him it happened at a very young age when he found a family member going through a difficult health period, and it was then that he made it a goal to become a doctor and help patients. Attending the University of Chile for medical school, he delved into the diverse new culture along with medicine. Upon returning to the USA, Dr. Fred Stoner has been involved in various activities involving academic and research medicine in multiple specialties.


After completing medical school, Dr. J. Fred Stoner pursued the field of pathology, and finished his residency at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, followed by an orthopedic surgical fellowship. Being a true lifelong learner, he continued his training undergoing further training in soft tissue tumor and bone tumor pathologies, as well as a one-year fellowship in breast cancer research primarily looking at DCIS and LCIS. He would then work as an academic physician with the West Virginia University before beginning his practice in pain management in 1997, where he mostly works with patients having benign chronic illnesses.

Pain, Addiction, and Law Symposium (PALS)

As a strong advocate for patient comfort as well as safety, Dr. J. Fred Stoner is always willing to actively get involved in various activities regarding pain management, especially now during a worldwide opioid crisis. He is nationally known for speaking on behalf of various pharmaceutical companies on opioids and pain management and has held the position of President at the Lawrence County Medical Society, and has helped plan and organize the Pain, Addiction, and Law Symposium (PALS).

The yearly PALS symposium brings together various allied healthcare professionals to discuss and learn more about the risks, benefits and outcomes of pain management from experts in the field, including Dr. Stoner. Having been in the field for over 20 years, Dr. Stoner has been at the forefront of pain management and has seen the changing trends in opioid use as well as the negative fallouts. With the rise of synthetic and semi-synthetic opioids in the early 21st century, the government along with pharmaceutical companies assured physicians that these drugs would not be addictive, and led to a significant peak in opioid prescriptions. Over the years, it was found that unfortunately these medications did cause addiction, and patients were now suffering from the consequences. Dr. J. Fred Stoner believes that government regulations surrounding pain management have just as equal hand in the current opioid crisis as pharmaceutical companies, and further believes that they should take responsibility rather than blaming other parties and shutting them down.

Pain Management

Dr. J. Fred Stoner believes that trends are now changing in pain management, and that because of overall varied treatment protocols and regulations, healthcare providers have not been able to optimize treatment for their patients. Changes towards marijuana legalization has opened new doors for pain management significantly, especially as this is a non-addictive substance. While medicinal marijuana is a fairly new pain management tool, long term studies must still be followed to fully analyze the risks and benefits, and such is true for any new pain management regiments that come out within the next decade.

More Information on Dr. J. Fred Stoner: www.drjfredstoner.com

Dr. J. Fred Stoner

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Dr. J. Fred Stoner is an experienced pathologist and clinician specializing in pain management, at The Pain Centre based in New Castle, PA.

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