Do Not Condemn Sean Hannity, Do Not Damage the People We’ll Need to Rebuild
Glenn Beck

The pity is that in rejecting Trump, you have cast aspersions on the Conservatives he has gathered around him, each with hard won experience, credentials & deep connections to numerous loyal & tireless Republicans who do believe that Trump will govern in concert with the advice & expertise of those with a proven track record. By rejecting Trump, you cast a vote of no confidence in those respected individuals who believe in him, who know him & his family and who have found him to be at least as honest & loyal a person as any recent President has been. The contrast between Trump, an eminently educated & qualified businessman with a record of 496 successful companies & 4 corporate bankruptcies and Crooked Hillary Clinton, corrupt perjurer & Saudi shill, couldn’t be clearer. Your continued rhetoric serves to draw the same circle around both candidates & I would submit that you are being at the very least, very unfair.

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