Am I wearing the armor of God?

This question has driven me in my recent study of the armor of God in Ephesians 6. We read in Ephesians 6:12, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood.” In other words, as a follower of Jesus our enemy is not earthly. Our struggle is not with people. If we are fighting with people at large (those far from God), if we are fighting with people at church (those in the family of God), if we are struggling with people at home, or at work — then we are fighting the wrong battle. Scripture teaches us that our struggle is spiritual. The enemy desires to disrupt relationships and hinder believers from fulfilling the great commandment. He sets something in motion, often only a thought, to get you fighting with another person, all the while, the real culprit in the scenario is an unseen spirit-rebel.

In fighting the right fight, the ultimate question is whether or not I am actually wearing the armor. The armor is spiritual so I cannot perceive it with my naked eye. I have discovered asking three simple questions can help me determine whether or not I am wearing the first three pieces of the armor mentioned by Paul.

Am I being influenced by what is true?

If I am not being influenced by what is true about God, myself, others, and my situation, then what am I being influenced by? Satan is the father of lies and will seek to trap our minds with endless speculations. The question helps me to know if I am wearing the belt of truth.

Am I doing what is right in God’s eyes?

Bottom line is that the breastplate of righteousness is me living in consistent obedience to the Lord. That means I act and react in a way that honors Him.

Am I living Gospel-centered?

As a follower of Jesus I need to know and share the Gospel. At the same time I need to be a person who displays the Gospel. The way God has treated me through the gospel of Jesus, I need to treat others. I have received grace through the gospel, so I need to be gracious toward others. I have experienced love, forgiveness, compassion, and generosity from God through the Gospel of Jesus. Therefore, I need to be loving, forgiving, compassionate, and generous person toward others.

These three questions are taught in greater detail in the message below. Take listen and join me in fighting the right battle.

Looking forward to sharing three more questions that link directly with the last three pieces of the armor this weekend! Don’t miss it.

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