How to Love Your Job

Around 70% of Americans say they can’t stand their jobs. That is pretty astounding and certainly includes believers. Most of the time it is because there is a wrong perspective on work taken by the Christ-follower. We look at our job as a ‘secular’ task and therefore keep it out of the ‘sacred’ category. In others words, we don’t see our jobs as something that could impact eternity.

What if we have the wrong perspective on our work? What if God really desires to use us at our work to be both productive and passionate about our witness? A bit of logical thinking here: If you become an ambassador for Jesus the moment you give your heart to Christ and you have a job that puts you around people who are far from God, could God want to use you there?

What if you changed your perspective on work and saw it as an opportunity to represent Christ in the workplace? How would your attitude about your job actually begin to change? In fact, I want you to consider how to put yourself in a position to give an account of the hope that is within you.

Aim to please God at work

Be quick to obey those who are your leaders and get after it for God’s glory. Be productive. Be a person of integrity. Work as unto the Lord. Hard work in your workplace will stand out. This drives appreciation and can become the platform upon which you speak about your real boss, Jesus.

Don’t be lazy. Don’t gripe about your job or those over you. Bad attitudes in the workplace actually hinder your ability to honor God.

Jesus’ mission of making disciples everywhere is attached to our workplaces. God sees you as His missionary in the community. Your workplace is His mission field. To be the missionary He wants you to be, get after it for His glory and aim to please Him at work.

Take the challenge to be who God wants you to be in the workplace. Perhaps it isn’t the job that needs changing to improve your life. Perhaps it is actually you that needs to change. Get God’s perspective on work and watch how your attitude begins to shift in a more encouraging direction.

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