Is this easy enough for a young person?

At the beginning of this year, we focused on learning an easy way to disciple someone called, No Sweat Discipleship. The goal was to create a tool that anyone could use. So what about a child? Well, me and Christa have four of them (yes, that’s a bunch; and yes, we know why). I took each of them through the process…not saying they are actively or even regularly using it. However, we have already seen fruit from their efforts.

Marlee, our youngest at 8 years old, has had a friend she has wanted to reach with the gospel for a while now. She talks about it regularly to us, to God, and to her friend. When she works through the ‘No Sweat’ guide, Madey Grace is the name she puts down. Just last night, we received some great news! Check out this facebook post!

All I can say is, “WOW!” No Sweat helps keep us focused on reaching people with the Gospel.