Resolved to hold fast to God’s design for marriage without regard to public opinion.

What therefore God has joined together let no man separate. Mark 10:9

You don’t have to be married to respect and honor the covenant of marriage. Neither Jesus nor Paul ever had a wife, yet most of what we teach about marriage comes from these two. Marriage is to be a reflection of Jesus’ relationship with the church. Those in Jesus’ day however, were cheapening marriage by allowing divorce to become commonplace. Sound familiar? Marriage was under attack and therefore, Jesus was exalting it to its God-given status.

Marriage continues to be under attack, not only from unbiblical divorce, but also from a push for same-sex marriage. Ireland recently boasted in their enlightened view as they passed a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage. The United States Supreme Court has voted to legalize same-sex marriage as well. This goes directly against God’s design for marriage. Marriage is designed for procreation, you can’t do that if you are the same sex. Same-sex marriage devalues children. Not to mention, same-sex marriage completely contradicts the teachings of the One who created marriage, not government, but God.

A disciple cannot be shaped by culture, a disciple must be shaped by Christ. As a growing trend continues to devalue the institution of marriage, it is important that disciples remain steadfast. This means that if you are a married person, you should do whatever is necessary to invest in your marriage relationship. You should seek to live a life of passion for your spouse and purity in the world. You should also encourage others in their marriage relationships to thrive and not just survive.

Like Jesus, you may be asked questions concerning marriage, divorce, same-sex marriage, polygamy, sex, etc… There are multiple questions swirling around our culture concerning these issues. As a disciple, you can’t put your head in the sand or be embarrassed about God’s teaching. You must be prepared to give a biblical response and also provide an example by how you live your life. Be resolved to hold fast to God’s design for marriage without regard to public opinion.

Disciple’s Task: How do you see marriage being attacked by society? If married, how do you see your marriage being attacked? What is one action step you can take today to honor marriage as a follower of Jesus?