Resolved to prioritize my time alone with the Lord.

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. Mark 1:35

Jesus had busy days. The beginning of one particular day was filled with teaching in the synagogue. During the middle of His message, Jesus was interrupted by a demon-possessed man. In a display of His authority over even the demonic realm, Jesus rebuked the demons and they came out of the man. Following this, Jesus went to the house of Simon and Andrew. He was asked to pray for Simon’s mother-in-law, which He did and she was healed. Then the crowds began to bring to Him those who were sick and demon-possessed. Jesus served until evening. All of this in a single day. Jesus didn’t seem to have one spare second. You can imagine that when He finally laid down that night, He would have had no problem going to sleep.

But the next day, Jesus rose early to spend time with His Heavenly Father. He prioritized His time alone with the Lord and gained spiritual strength for each day. He is our example.

Isn’t it true that oftentimes when we are exhausted and completely loaded up with the busyness of a given day that we put the most important relationship we have on the back burner? I’m talking about our relationship with our Father. In doing so, we lose our spiritual stamina and are not nearly as sensitive to His divine leadership of our lives. But in our text for today, we can learn how to prioritize our time alone with the Lord.

Jesus had a set time, early in the morning. When we set appointments, we typically keep them and make sure nothing else gets in the way. Why not set an appointment with the Lord? Set aside time for uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord. Jesus also exercised an act of the will. He got up. Even after an exhausting day, He got up to meet with the Lord. He had a place that was secluded. He made sure that He was in a place that was distinctly quite.

From Jesus, we can identify some simple steps to help us prioritize our times alone with the Father. Set a time. Get up. Choose a specific place. Fellowship with the Lord. Meeting with the Lord will prove to be the most beneficial and energizing meeting you will have all day. Resolve to make it your priority as a disciple.

Disciple’s Task: Schedule times alone with the Lord. Put them on your calendar for the next seven days. Stick to it for a week and then take a look at the difference that it has made.

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