Uganda Mission Update

The Republic of Uganda is located in East Africa and is where Pastor Levi and wife, Mrs. Christa, had an opportunity to visit. Church member, Paul Moody, is a Truett McConnell student whose family lives in Uganda. Paul’s father, Eddie, is a pastor in a local village and was the main contact for ministry. While there, Pastor Levi was able to preach at a local village church on Sunday and conduct pastor training for around 100 pastors. “They were hungry for training and desired more,” Levi stated.

Pastor Levi and Mrs. Christa also had an opportunity to be interviewed on Ugandan television answering questions about God’s design for marriage as well as conduct a marriage conference in a local village. Pastor Levi spoke to the husbands and Mrs. Christa spoke directly to the wives. Mrs. Christa said, “We were so thankful for Pastor Eddie setting up these ministry opportunities for us.”

During Concord’s Vacation Bible School in Clermont, the children raised over $4,000 to help with a children’s home Pastor Eddie leads known as ‘Afayo,’ which translated means ‘Jesus Cares’. The children’s home is located on Pastor Eddie’s home property and houses 15 children, some abandoned and others orphans.The funds were used to purchase them clothes, shoes, socks, backpacks, 9 new beds, blankets, mosquito nets, Bibles, and school fees for four semesters. The children were also escorted into Entebbe, Uganda to visit the country’s zoo.

It was a world wind trip with a lot of ministry accomplished in only a short time. Pastor Levi stated, “We will be in further conversation with our ministry contacts in Uganda to see if there is potential for ongoing ministry for Concord. Thanks to all who prayed for our travel and ministry. There are great days ahead for Concord!”