What is a disciple?

There are four ingredients that are essential in the making of a disciple. God desires for you to possess each of these. The first ingredient is that of worship. A disciple of Jesus is one who worships Him. He is the One to be valued above all. If you cease to worship rightly the outcome of what occurs is drastic.

We see that clearly in the life of God’s people in 2 Kings 18. They had turned away from God and begun to worship idols. This led to three outcomes.

They Forgot Their Identity

They were God’s special people. They were in a covenant relationship with Him. But, when He ceased to be the center of their lives they were left to seek their identity in other people, places, and things.

They Lost Their Uniqueness

What made God’s people unique among all other nations was the fact that they did not worship a god who could be seen. This, among other things, marked them as distinctly different. When they turned their back on worshiping the invisible one and only God, they turned their back on being different.

They Lost Their Purpose

The reason God called Israel into a special relationship with Him is because He was going to use them as His mouthpiece to the world far from Him. They were to be the conduit of God’s blessing to all nations. How? Their identity and uniqueness was designed to cause others to question them about their God. This became a doorway in which others could be called into a relationship with God. But, because their worship was wrong their purpose was lost.

Have you ever felt this way before? You feel like you don’t know why you exist. You find that you look or are even trying to just fit in with the culture in which you live. You feel like there is no purpose in your life?

The following message is designed to help you discover or recover your identity, uniqueness and purpose. Don’t miss it! We call it the Concord Blend.

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