The HEART. To pump or not to pump — that is the question.

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This week my research group from South Dakota State University published a research article in the Biophysical Journal. The article describes the function of a tiny molecular switch in your heart. The switch instructs the heart muscle when to relax (fill with blood) and…

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Wellzesta offers a suite of products that engage users in wellness. Wellzesta Active (*Active) is a wellness publishing platform that consists of a web application and cloud-based backing services (API). Wellness providers enter events, dining opportunities, messaging, web content, wellness articles, and more. …

In a previous post I outlined the 10 stages of a software company ( An important take home point from the article is that each stage poses a new set of challenges. Each stage presents a new learning curve and usually involves creating new infrastructure.

This article is about making…

Looking back on things that have given me street cred among my daughters.

  1. Expired passport. The passport was issued when I was about 7. At the time I had bleach blond hair. The passport had an extension to contain all the visa stamps from travels whilst living overseas. My oldest…

~ 9 January 2018 ~

Wellzesta, Inc. is seeking a full-time Community Manager in the Charlotte, NC area. You will ensure that adopters of the Wellzesta Life mobile Health/Wellness platform achieve meaningful use and results. Residents (typically age 65+) at Life Plan Communities use Wellzesta Life as a daily life…

~23 December 2017~

Wellzesta, Inc. is seeking a full-time B2B SaaS Sales Development Representative in the Charlotte, NC area. Our team is growing and we’re looking for a dynamic, high energy, and driven individual with experience in B2B SaaS sales. …

~December 11, 2017~

We are looking for a Full-Time In-House Creative Director to lead branding, positioning, and marketing at Wellzesta. Wellzesta recently relocated from Greenville SC to the Charlotte NC area.

Our Products

Wellzesta Life — an enterprise-level mobile Health/Wellness platform. Residents (typically age 65+) at Life Plan Communities use…

And when you are about to pursue some course of action that seems perfectly clear and right, yet you sense in your spirit another path being suggested with the force of quiet conviction, heed that conviction. …

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Free wellness articles from Wellzesta include the “Streams in the Desert” daily devotional.

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