Factors to Consider While Choosing a Radiologist. A Dr Johan Blickman Guide

A healthy life is everyone’s goal. However, injuries and diseases are uncontrollable. Even people who are ultra-cautious will also go through some illnesses. Whatever the illness might be, the doctors will suggest going through a few tests at first to diagnose it properly. One such vital examination to go through is a radiologic scan. Radiologic scan means any of the processes like X-ray, MRI, CT, or Ultrasound. These scans will provide images of the internal organs or other parts. Professionals will confirm the diseases by seeing these images. As these techniques are in huge demand, many professionals are serving in the field. However, it is highly recommended to find an expert like Dr Johan Blickman for better results. In this article, let us discuss some vital factors to consider while choosing a radiologist.

Reviews or referrals

You may be visiting the radiology center for the first time. So, you will not know whether they will provide better service or not. Hence, it is advisable to check what the previous patients of the center talking about them. You can find such reviews on various medical blogs available online. Sometimes, the radiology centers will have websites with patient details and feedback. If you know someone who has experience visiting such centers, you can get their referrals also.

Training and certification

Not anyone can become a radiologist. There are some training necessities for such professionals. They should have the main degree along with some supporting certifications. For instance, there is a specialization certificate for neuroradiologists who will be specialized in scanning the brain of the patient. So, you should check whether the radiologist is having such qualifications. It is advisable to visit a specialist who has qualifications related to your issue. You should not confirm the center only after checking the qualification of the main specialist. It is necessary to check the same of the working members of the lab also.


It is always better to visit an experienced specialist than to see a newbie. Although all newbies will know the processes, you need not risk it with them.

Turnaround time

Sometimes, radiology test results will come too late. You will not know the severity of the underlying issue. Hence, it is mandatory to choose a radiologist who will provide you with the results quickly. However, you should not compromise the reliability of the center because of these quick results. Enquiring about the turnaround time will be helpful to inform your doctor.


Radiology is not a simple domain and several high-end technologies are involved in each scan. So, it is necessary to check whether the radiology center has the essential facilities to undergo the desired examination.

Appointment flexibility

You may have to take multiple scans. However, you may have a tight schedule in your work. So, you will need the center to be open for scanning whenever you can visit. It will be helpful if you enquire about the flexibility in getting appointments.


Finally, you can enquire about the costs for each process to avoid bitter surprises in the bill.



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Dr Johan Blickman

Dr Johan Blickman

Dr Johan Blickman is a Radiologist based in Hingham, MA. He specializes in Pediatric Radiology and received his M.D. from Boston University.