www.LifelongWeddingCeremonies.com — (405) 696–6450 — Thanks for letting me serve as your wedding officiant in OKC, Juan Ni & Xiaowen Ni! Congrats on getting married! Please always be kind to one another.

www.LifelongWeddingCeremonies.com — (405) 696–6450 — Congrats on getting married, Annie Elizabeth Combs & Eric Seth Sterkel! Please always be kind to one another, and thanks for letting me service your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City!

How to Find Anyone: Lessons with Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a Master Process Server

Congrats on getting married at Starbucks, Salwa Ben Souda & Robert Kevin Blott! happily married as husband and wife.

Dr John Patrick Keefe II

My name is Dr. John Keefe II, and I am a Wedding Officiant in OKC, and a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma. http://www.lifelongweddingceremonies.com/

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