Hey Everyone!

It’s that time again!

I will be holding the NEA Live Mastermind | Practice Profit Intensive’s in San Francisco and Los Angeles soon and I wanted to let everyone know what the events entail!

I know that there are a lot of Chiropractic Intensive’s out there that are a waste of time and money, and I promise you, this is not one of them.

The event dates and locations are:

Saturday, June 4th, 2016 in San Francisco

Saturday, June 11th, 2016 in Los Angeles

Saturday, June 18th, 2016 in Los Angeles

So, just to show it will not be a waste of time or money, I want to start off by listing what this Intensive will NOT be about:

First off, this is NOT a ‘feel-good’ seminar, in fact, it’s not a ‘seminar’ at all. This is an INTENSIVE. Meaning, the ratio of ‘learn’ to ‘do’ is going to be about 70:30. You’ll leave here with tools and frameworks that you will be able to immediately implement on Monday when you return to your practice.

Second, we are NOT going to discuss ‘how great it is to be a chiropractor,’ how we are going to ‘heal the world one spine at a time,’ ‘ADIO’, or any other quasi-religious concepts perpetuated within the profession. Nor will we cover the ‘law of attraction method’ to acquire new patients, positive thinking skills, etc. If you believe you want or need this type of information, the Intensive, and the rest of NEA for that matter, is NOT for you.

Third, this is NOT a ‘pitch-fest’. There’s nothing to buy at the Intensive. If you would like help with your practice further past the Intensive, there will be an opportunity to discuss this.

Lastly, this is NOT some cheese-ball multi-speaker event as a result of an affiliate syndicate resulting in you being more confused than you already are. This IS an event based on hardcore data, designed to move YOU forward in your business operations leading to a greatly enhanced level of predictable profits. You will definitely leave the Intensive with a greater level of competence and control over your practice’s business operations.

Now that that’s out of the way, what IS the Master Mind all about?
The purpose of NEA’s Live Mastermind | Practice Profit Intensive™ is to provide an in-depth, hands-on experience of NEA’s rock-solid administrative, marketing and sales frameworks to a small number of chiropractic practitioners in an intimate and effective setting. This one-day event is an intense and immersive experience for those of us who want to build a practice that is profitable, predictable, and sustainable beyond the reach of hype, theory, dogma and philosophy that’s common in our industry.

During the Intensive, we will work side-by-side, intensely and intently.

Our main areas of emphasis will be:

• Defining the 18 Essential Analytics that are the support pillars of your practice.

• Creating massive leverage in the areas of time, money, energy and your personal happiness. These are the 4 resources that MUST always be considered when aiming to create a practice that is sustainable, predictable and profitable.

• How to create a ‘Parthenon Practice’, one that is structured and fully supported by making ‘data-driven decisions’ each and every day in the management of your practice. This, vs. managing by emotion, conjecture, and elusive mental/emotional frameworks that lead to the poor house.

• How to manage and control your practice’s income and forge a clear-cut path towards growth and expansion all while having more fun, more time-freedom, resulting in a brighter future.

We will also work on these 9 projects together during the Intensive:

1. Strategic Analytics Game Plan

2. Data Infused Financial Management

3. Leveraged Resource Management

4. Multiscale Management

5. Prospective New Patient Pipelines

6. Service Offerings and Conversion Strategies

7. Your Signature Delivery System

8. Your Personal Roadmap To Happiness

9. Flow Debug And Trajectory Mapping

You have already made considerable sacrifices in becoming a doctor of chiropractic and like the majority of practitioners in the profession, you are most likely faced with high-stakes financial risk. It’s time to claim your own success and make your decision to become a doctor of chiropractic a worthwhile one.

If you would like to find out more about the Intensive or RSVP for the event, please visit


I’m looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles and San Francisco soon!

This post has been adapted from the Nexus Executive Academy VLOG.


Dr. Jonathan Hyslop is a practice strategist and growth expert to chiropractors.

After a successful career as a practicing chiropractor owning multiple practices, Jonathan helps fellow chiropractors succeed in the areas of administrative strategy and management, marketing, sales, and stable scalability.

Follow Jonathan on Twitter at @nexusexecutive. We welcome your comments at jonathan@nexusexecutiveacademy.com.