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Dr Jonathan Toussaint has recently published another book for young people titled “How do I Look?”…Keys to a healthy body image. Whether its girls dieting to look like supermodels, or boys thinking they need to bulk up, it’s clear that negative body image is reaching epidemic proportions in young people.

Unrealistic images in the media seem to be everywhere, and research shows that they have a damaging effect on mental health, confidence and self-worth.

Children as young as six are struggling with their body shape and feelings of inadequacy. In some cases, this leads to life-threatening mental and physical problems, such as depression, anorexia or bulimia.

This book is an essential resource for young people, designed to raise awareness about the importance of positive body image, regardless of body shape, ethnicity or athletic abilities.

Written especially for young people, it includes practical strategies to help them recognise idealised images in the media, combat negative body image pressures, improve their health and wellbeing, and — most importantly — reach their full potential.