Does you Neuro-biomechanics need an update!

I have been a track and field enthusiast for many years now! I have had the privilege of competing at the highest levels in college, and even had the chance to run against some of the fastest people in the world! At the peak of my running career I started experiencing health issues and injuries, which if you are a runner you know how devastating injuries can be! I started a pursuit to create understanding of my own issues and many other people issues.

I have been lucky enough to learn the science of Neurology and how it pertains to movement, and also biomechanics and how neurology effects it! I want you to use me as a resource on creating a better functioning you, how to get the most out of your body performance wise, and health wise. I will share with you my experiences and insights.

I realized I wanted to do this just a few short months ago, I was sitting watching one of the best track events around, the world renowned Drake Relays. while everyone was watching the amazing runners out front, I was fixated on the ones that had kinesiology tape on, and the other ones that were obviously not competing up to par! I was focused on what their stride patterns looked like and how there biomechanics were! Every single person at the relays that were taped up on the calf or hamstrings had one thing in common! They all had abnormal pelvic function on that side of their body!

Creating optimal neuro biomechanics is vital for preventing injuries in running. Let me put it this way when you pelvis is not moving properly it puts excessive stress on other areas of your body causing them to overwork and become injured. It also changes gait patterns and will decrease stride length. This also creates more stress, this is the reason why someone always tends to get injured or feel stress on one side of the body!

Now that cross is over and all the best athletes are starting to get a base in for the upcoming track season, it is also time to get these imbalances fixed! This will allow training to be more efficient and less costly on the body.

I will be posting many more articles and streaming them through social media, If this peaks your interest follow me and I will be continuing to put things out, they will more specifically be related to creating better neuro biomechanics and athletics! Don’t be afraid to message me with questions at

Dr. Joshua Madsen

Infinity Chiropractic Center

Waukee, IA


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