I Bet You Never Knew Your Neck Could Effect Your Gait!

Looking at this illustration most people say wow… I had no clue that a misalignment at the top of my neck could make so many changes to my posture! It is crazy to think about it, but the human body is much more complex than you could imagine. I get to work with this amazing machine every single day and what this image shows happens all the time. Try it for yourself, if you lay on you back and have a friend look at your feet, they probably are not even. Some even have up to an inch short on one side! Think of how much extra energy and stress is happening on the body with every single step you take in a day! Now magnitude that if you are working out!

When we make a very specific adjustment to the upper part of the neck it corrects this imbalance almost every single time! If it does not get perfectly even, it always gets closer! The reason why it may not get perfectly even is because some people have a true short leg. This means that one leg developed differently than the other and it is physically shorter.

As you can see from this illustration it causes muscular tightness all they way through the body and causes the leg to shorten on that side! Clinically this is typically the side that is injured when athletes come to me. The upper cervical spine has more receptor than anywhere else in the body combined, so if it is off it is sure to throw the rest of the body off as well! Information from the brain travels directly thought this part of the spine to go to every organ, tissue, and muscle in the entire body so if information can not get through properly it causes a lack of proper function. The muscles are over worked because they have lost proper nervous system control and imbalances have occurred as a result. This imbalance will cause a change in running or walking gait and result in over use injuries to occur! No athlete wants this no matter what phase of training you are in.

If you have a short leg get your spine checked by a Chiropractor, it will allow your body to function better in all aspects of life and health!

Dr. Joshua Madsen

Infinity Chiropractic Center



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