Treatment and Medicines for Skin

Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is the best pharmaceutical company in chennai. Our products 777 oil one of the best treatment for psoriasis and other skin problems. Protect your skin from direct sunlight. Skin affects auto immune disorder its itching skin and red inflammation.

Our Indications are:

Psoriasis Medicines — psoriasis treatment cream, psoriasis treatment scalp

Vitiligo Medicines — vitiligo treatment at home

Ayurvedic Medicine for immunity

Dandruff Treatment for Dandruff and hair fall

Viral fever medicines

Allergy Medicines

How to treat eczema on hands

Eczema Treatment

best skin care products in india
most effective skin care products

Skin Care Products
Acne Cream
Hyperpigmentation Cream
Hyperpigmentation Treatment
Antifungal Medications
Psoriasis Treatment

777 oil, Psorolin Ointment

Source: JRK Research