Biography — Dr Jay Seitz

Clinical Practice

Dr Jay Seitz is a practicing neuropsychologist in Manhattan specializing in clinical neuropsychology with children, adolescents, adults, and late-age adults. He has been licensed in New York for the professional practice of psychology since 1991. He has additional training in CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), REBT (rational-emotive behavioral therapy), biofeedback and pain management, and neurocognitive rehabilitation for patients who have suffered damage to the brain. He was previously on the doctoral and graduate faculties of Adelphi University and the undergraduate and graduate faculties of New York University and City University of New York (CUNY, tenured 2001).

Academic Work

Dr Jay Seitz is currently writing a book on the evolution of intelligence in hominins from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience. He has published on the use and misuse of projective testing in children, the bodily basis of thought; the embodied nature of musical performance; the cognitive and educational value of modern dance and ballet; the role of the brain in spatial-temporal thinking; the political and cultural constraints on human creative behavior; as well as the neural, evolutionary, cognitive, and developmental origins of human creative thought. He has a deep interest in the uses and abuses of power and has written on the uses and misuses of government propaganda during wartime.

Board Participation

Dr Jay Seitz has a longstanding and strong interest in the arts. He was vice president of the Board of Directors of the newly founded American Dance Museum (ADaM) and previously on the Board of Directors of the Dalcroze School of Music (now part of Lucy Moses School), both in New York City. He has formerly studied both music (contrabass, piano) and dance (choreography).