Psychotherapy and counseling |Psychiatrist In Pune

Medications help to correct the chemical imbalance in brain which contributes to alter thinking and emotions. We also offer psychotherapy techniques to eradicate the problem from its roots. Psychotherapy aims to alter cognitive error, false belief, resole the conflicts, building up communication, improve relationship and prevent negative, damaging and disturbing behavior.

Diagnostic formulation is prepared for patient who is repeatedly failed of relapsed in their treatment. Establishment of diagnosis and treatment plan help over client to come out of emotional problems.

Monitoring and regular follow up

Regular follow up is essential when dealing with mental health problems. Whether it is further consultation, phone calls, MSGs, or Email support. This is essential that patient and doctor monitor the effectiveness of treatment and changes are needed help to correct.

Treatment options include

Medical management.
Psychological and Behavioral therapy.
Occupational Stability.
Self Help Group.
Family support and supervision.