It is done.

The final guitar (so much awesome the camera couldn’t focus)

6 months ago I decided to build my own guitar, today… I finished that guitar. So, so, happy.

Last time I posted about the guitar I was busy with the clear coat — or more specifically, dealing with the drips down the back. Turns out that sanded out really easily, so it was just a case of sanding where I needed to, and having another go. I think I probably put half a dozen “coats” on in the end. I gave it more than the rest because it wasn’t nearly as thick as the colour coat.

And then I sanded. The Internet led me to believe that I could sand this clear coat down, then apply car polish to bring it back up to a shine. The Internet was wrong. My gloss coat ended up being a satin finish. I thought about putting a final clear coat on after my last sand, but then decided that I probably shouldn’t do that after putting car polish on the coat. And so a satin finish it was. I was quite upset about this until I got the guitar together and decided it looked pretty awesome in satin and probably would have looked pretty naff in gloss. That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself anyway.

The last part of the build was actually the least difficult — it was just a matter of screwing everything into the right places (and using the holes I’d drilled earlier). Also, because I’d made a tiny shim for the neck it only took a little bit of setup (read: bridge adjustment) to get the strings to a height where they didn’t buzz and the whole thing is playable. In tune. Just… perfect.

Body after the last sand.
Tremolo claw installed. The tremolo came with 4 springs but there was 5 holes and symmetry seemed important for sanity.
Finished body with everything screwed in
The back side with the cover plate installed.
Neck on (neck plate is gold, photo makes it look black).

So pretty.
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