Improve Your Smile With Tooth Whitening

Certain people are born with yellow teeth. However, certain others get impacted by the yellowing of the teeth with aging. There are varied other factors that can impact the yellowing of your teeth. Certain Extrinsic stains impacting the whitening of the teeth are as-

· Smoking and chewing Tobacco

· Drinking tea, coffee or red wine

· Eating enormously pigmented food

· Accumulating deposits of Tartar resulted from Plaque

Certain intrinsic stains impacting the whitening of the teeth are as-

· Yellowing because of the aging process

· Undergone treatment of antibiotic while the formation of the teeth was happening

· Trauma caused to the tooth resulting in death of the nerve

· Excessive intake of Fluoride during the formation of the teeth

How can you get your teeth whitened?

Cleanings done by a dentist remove the external stains caused by the intake of Tobacco or Food. Endodontist In Gurgaon If the stains have been persistent since years, the professional cleaning by a doctor removes the stubborn stains.

Internal stains can be removed via bleaching, capping or bonding. Though all the three methodologies are safe however, your dentist would recommend the most appropriate methodology for your teeth whitening. The dentist would Dental Implants India consider

· The type and degree of staining

· The amount of tooth structure that is left and whether the changes to the shape of the tooth is required or not

How does the tooth whitening work?

Whitening or bleaching can be done in the office of the dentist or at home, using a system selected by your dentist. The methodologies for both types of procedures include tooth bleaching gels responsible for oxidizing the stain.

Whitening at home-This is an extremely popular procedure in today’s time. An impression of your teeth is taken by your dentist. Then, a custom fitted tray is made by him. This tray is filled with a whitening gel by you and worn by you for about two Dentist In South Delhi hours every day or at night for tentatively about two weeks. Dentists prescribe whitening kits comprising Carbamide Peroxide. It is an enormously effective procedure if adopted under the supervision of the dentist.

Whitening in office-This procedure consumes about thirty minutes to one hour tentatively. You might have to take several sittings for ensuring you’re getting the expected results. A gel like substance is applied to your gums and a rubber shield is placed around the necks of the teeth. An oxidizing agent is then put on your teeth. Dental Hospital In India For activation of the whitening agent, a special light at intervals of five minutes is used.

Do the newly whitened teeth stain?

Any kind of a tooth can stain. For avoiding stains to come back, you need to prevent the intake of red wine, coffee, tea and heavily stained food items. You also need to avoid smoking. You need to brush your teeth twice every day.