Accelerate Intimacy by Traveling with Someone You Are Dating

Some tips to make your trip a success

Photo by Tim Stief on Unsplash

Adventure. Wanderlust. The romance of travel. The desire to see new horizons and visit new places, to taste new flavors and see new wonders.

When you travel with someone you are newly dating, you have the ability to get to know them very quickly in a short amount of time.

It creates a sense of accelerated intimacy.

You get to interact with them in a variety of contexts. You see them in the morning. You see them in the evening. You see them all the hours in between. You get to see how they navigate through the small stressors that occur while you are traveling. How do they handle unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable ordeals like delays, lost luggage, unexpected interruptions, and disappointing accommodations? You get the chance to see how the two of you work together in concert to overcome the challenges that arise. You can see what happens when the two of you disagree. How will you come to a compromise.

You can see how it feels to enjoy the serendipitous moments when everything goes unexpectedly well and you discover something even better than either of you could have planned.

If you are thinking of traveling with someone that you have been dating for a short time, stop and think about your hopes and expectations. Think about the best-case scenario, how good it will feel in those moments when everything goes right. Center yourself in those good feelings. Let them soak in and feel so real that it’s almost as if you are already there. This isn’t to set the expectation that nothing on the trip will ever go wrong. That would be unrealistic and you would likely feel disappointed. Instead, use this good feeling as your anchor for the trip. Be ready for everything to go right, but being in a good mood to start with will help you to deal with the small stressors that will doubtless arise with the patience and grace that you hope for from your travel partner as well.

Happy traveling.

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