Embracing Lazy

Sometimes the best self-care is to do nothing at all.

Does it ever feel like your every waking moment is all about go go go! Full calendars and to-do lists, appointments and assignments, phone calls, emails, and texts all the time!. Too much to do in too little time? Maybe you even feel a secret sense of pride about how stressed and overworked you are? Is there a sense of exhilaration about being the businest person you know?

Sure we all want to suceed and be seen as successful, but burn out is real and wide spread. In this article from Psychology Today it identifies “cynicism, depression, and lethargy” as some of the emotional, mental, and physical signs of the special kind of exhaustion brought on by repeated and prolonged stress. Not exactly what we think of when we think of success.

So what can we do to make sure we don’t hit that horrible point of burn out ourselves? One of the best ways is to take regular, periodic breaks from the stress. There is a reason weekends were invented afterall. But these days so many keep right on working through the weekends, whether for their regular job, or trying to start up or maintain a side hustle. And while all of that is admirable, if it lands you in a state of cynical, depressed lethargy, you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors.

This is exactly why there are times when the best course of action is inaction. When the best thing in the world you can possibly do is to just sit back, relax, and embrace your inner lazy. Why not take that Saturday morning where you would normally rush off to the gym in a compulsive ritual-like way, and luxuriate in bed instead?

Peruse your favorite magazine. Stare out the window. Daydream. Do nothing. Spend time with your pet. This can sometimes be the best recipe for improved mental health and an enhanced happier state of mind. Being still and calm. can bring more tranquility into your life, and even result in a reduction in blood pressure. There are so many health benefits to just taking a little time off now and then.

So once in a while embrace your inner lazy and realize the wonderful effects of this. We all feel driven sometimes to engage in activities that in the end are not helpful to us and may make us feel more harried and frenzied. So take those lazy moments, relish them, enjoy them and reap the wonderful effects. Why not try it this weekend?

Dr. Kimberly Stearns, certified matchmaker, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology author of forthcoming book “Never Be Lonely Again” https://kimberlystearns.com/update

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