A Stream of Fire

A rocket engine array of nine

Belches demons of fiery orange

One engine commanding the center

Eight more along the circumference

The astronauts aboard the command module

They activate the third and final stage

In order to escape low-Earth orbit

To head for the big gray ball nearby

Without bureaucratic tape involved

For the first time in human history

Over the course of two days

These courageous astronauts

They prepare for the main event

To create footprints on the lunar surface

The first time in almost half a century

The live streams are available worldwide

Millions stand and cheer

For humanity has returned to stay

Within the Sea of Tranquility

The lunar lander touches the grayish surface

Less than two hundred yards from the Eagle

The lead astronaut descends the ladder

When they hop off the bottom rung

To form a small dust cloud upon impact

Millions of people burst into an outcry

Another leap for mankind

Has been achieved

Within five years of this remarkable day

The first lunar colony is established

Hundreds vow to emigrate from Earth

While thousands more prepare

For another exciting cosmic adventure

The journey to colonize Mars

With the rebirth of large spacecraft

These massive beasts of carbon fiber

Besides the other cutting edge materials

Will form a bridge between celestial neighbors

Forget about only thinking about Earth

Humanity is meant to go multi-planetary

Our destiny is to colonize the stars

Because we are explorers by intuition