Anarchist Wannabes

Your Rioting In DC and Elsewhere Is Not Anarchism, Because Anarchism Equals Rules w/o Rulers and Voluntary, Peaceful Interactions.

I knew political chaos would ensue

When Donald Trump was elected last November

Never did I predict an EuroMaiden-like protest

Where flames and broken glass engulf the streets

And that pathetic red and black flag visible throughout

Which represent the Anarcho-Wannabes

Or rather ridiculous rioters

Who prefer to insult the true definition of anarchy

Rules without rulers

Although I don’t agree with statists

And I don’t align myself with Trump policies

Some Trump supporters who arrived in Washington

To personally observe the guy be sworn in

Were blocked at the gates by Anarcho-Wannabes

These people who blindly voted for Hilary

Prevented access to this outside venue

And wish to continue wasting everyone’s time

By crying like the adult babies they are

Or inciting violence to injure their opponents

To those Anarcho-Wannabes:

You disgrace the word anarchy!

You are nothing but thugs

Who prefer to disrupt commerce

Who prefer to disturb voluntary interactions

Between people who wish to be left alone

Throw away those stupid red-and-black flags!

Nobody owes you anything!

If you want to create change

And I mean positive change

You must cease these ridiculous riots!

The only individuals you truly hurt

At least in the long run

Are yourselves

All those windows you broke

All those bricks you removed

They will be replaced anyway

As though you were never there

So stop causing trouble Anarcho-Wannabes!

You don’t scare the rest of humanity

Because you conceal your identity

Behind sunglasses and black masks

All these objects do is one thing:

They prove how stupid you truly are

You never learned the truth

About how you hold the power

To change yourselves from the inside

Everlasting change doesn’t happen

When you threaten people with violence

Change happens slowly

Now go home Anarcho-Wannabes

Stop being parasites of humanity

And think about what you guys did

During those days in mid-January 2017

Ask yourself this question:

Was your participation worth the effort?

You know the answer is no

So wipe away that smug smile

And started getting busy

Occupy your time with constructive purpose

Never occupy the streets like that again

Joel Hovell is the author of the young adult fiction novel Snow Wolf and the poet behind the book in Straight From A Millennial. His website is