I Had To Say Something

I couldn’t believe the online articles and videos of Christina’s tragic death at her show in Orlando, Florida when I first came across them this afternoon. This incident has blindsided me because I do feel a deep connection to this young woman who was living her dreams; not because I’m also human too. I had to say something in a manner nobody else would immediately think of, so I wrote this poem for Christina Grimmie and her family, her friend Tiffany Alvord, and her loyal fans.I’ve been a fan for less than one year

Christina Epiphany

I’ve been a fan for less than one year

The comfort of her pop music in my ears

Now I’m told the selfless young woman is deceased

Such tragedy like none before for me

I usually feel disconnected when events like this occur

Someone I never knew personally or indirectly

Someone who never influenced positivity in my life

Her lyrics empowered everyone to promote change

To make this world dominated by evil a far better place

This incident has struck home for me

I cannot believe there’s a reason for everything

Why did this young woman whose music I loved must be killed?

What physical or thought crimes did she commit?

Maybe there is a reason for why such creative beauty was prematurely ended

Even if somebody within the billions that resoundingly disagree believes it was a righteous one

Musicians like Christina always breathed love and devotion

Always outpouring to those in need of a helping hand

I noticed her recent campaign to help animals needing homes

This proves how passionate she was as an individual

Her unfortunately short legacy should never be forgotten

I must transition my attention to the currently anonymous murderer

What crime was committed by Christina?

I have found no empirical evidence to prove such accusations

What went wrong inside your mind whoever you are?

I realize life can be more difficult than veteran level in video games

What made you snap inside to seek attention through 15 minutes of fame?

The questions about this immoral character have abounded inside my head

Had a former best friend betrayed you?

Did your boyfriend/girlfriend dump you without a precise explanation?

Did you fail an important course in high school or college?

Did you lose the source of income that kept you off the streets?

Unfortunately, the world will never know

More importantly, why hadn’t we noticed this individual was gasping to be heard?

To release the tensions of a tormented mind that felt abandoned

There’s a gift card on my desk still unclaimed

I entered the code and bought Christina’s album

‘With Love’ with a double meaning

One to financially support her heartbroken family

Two because that’s the title of this musical masterpiece

How bittersweet that’s what it took to decide

Whose album to purchase with the gift card on my desk

I might be a nobody compared to Christina

The contestant on a nationally televised show

An artist that’s toured the world

While I’m struggling to promote myself online

Though I’ve written one published novel

With five more books on the way

As part of my poetry series under development

This one’s for you Christina

All because someone like you through your lyrics

Inspired someone like myself to keep moving forward

No matter how difficult this life as a writer becomes

At least I have individuals like yourself to inspire everyone

I wish this wasn’t a goodbye poem

Sincerely, Joel Hovell

A Christina Grimmie Fan

Originally published at www.joelhovell.com.