Product reviewers and product designers

4 April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 — Does It Suck?

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis, getting good? Always liked his presentation style, always felt genuine. But now; includes more acute, insightful observations as well. All are actually good points raised (refer: “Does the Samsung Galaxy S8 Suck?”) for example how the decreased efficiency warning message for toggling performance modes raises an alarm for the average consumer, especially given the recent exploding phones fiasco that company Samsung has found itself embroiled in. Could have been more informatively, neutrally presented to its users. Probably it still stands that Samsung sees itself as doing the consumer a favour by providing an excess of options.

Does this also mean that reviewers can make good designers? Their job requires acute observational skills, although not necessarily analytical — necessary to properly weigh between each variation in product design decisions. They can spot the differences, but not always know the significance especially when paired against contrasting contexts of use. (It’s worth noting that “product design” can be used to refer to a nontangible and complete package; like software, services and the like.)

Notably Andrew Kim of the minimallyminimal blog does reviews as well, and does a good job of sensing his way around products.

Perhaps then, an industrial design practitioner and product reviewer would tend to share such a similar tendency.