Want To Be Happier? How to Take Charge of Your Thoughts
Marta Brzosko

Hi Marta — fabulous article! I’m a fan of yours already! I practice a lot of these concepts myself, and work to bring them to my clients. One of the things that I often say is that I believe that happiness is a choice. However, reading your article made me think perhaps a more effective way to capture this would be to say that happiness is a series of choices. I’ve definitely emphasized in the past how it’s a choice that I make every day, multiple times a day. But again — what you lay out here, so articulately, really highlights that there are lots of little choices that build up to create happiness inside, regardless of what is happening outside ourselves. I am traveling around the world this year, and in April I found myself in rainy, dreary Hanoi, struggling with the environment — everything from the weather to my accommodation, and I put into practice what I know about psychology (as a psychologist) and wrote about my personal experience. I think even when we know these things, sometimes we can get off track of the daily habits that we know are so powerful. For me, there is then value in uncovering the subconscious payoffs for doing exactly what we’re doing. Some people genuinely feel subconscious payoffs for choosing to be unhappy. Others just don’t know what to do yet. Thank you for writing this article to help educate and inform so we can create a world of happier people!

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