CNN felony flying under radar with Unnamed ISP

Yesterday was July 4th! It is the day we celebrate liberty and all the freedoms the founding of our nation affords. In the evening when most of us are trying to digest the high protein charred goods after watching explosives in pretty shapes and colors settled we hop online to see what’s happening. Lately twitter and facebook are source of news because no one really watches “News Networks” with their questionable biased and anon tones.

I hopped on twitter and see #CNNBlackmail . Now CNN Blackmailing our President is common knowledge from a statement made by their WH press “journalist” Jim Acosta who seems to throw terrible two tantrums every time he tries to ask a question. He doesn’t realize their “news” aren’t credible yet — for some reason he’s missed the memo.

So what’s the story? CNN tracked down the memer who created the GIF of President Trump wrestling them. It was funny and very widely shared on social media — so much that the Reddit user’s GIF was even shared by the President himself who makes it no secret that he dislikes CNN.

Why does he dislike CNN? How is subtle blackmail for you ? What if you didn’t let me speak to you , ask questions or join you and I said “Well you know I shape the narrative around the world sooo”

That’s a threat right? Yes. Here is it in all it’s glory

NY Mag By Gabriel Sherman

Now to what is really important. First off see Donie O’Sullivan’s Tweets below.


He tracked down a “troll” or a “bully”. So @CNN has a history of “hunting down” private citizens that disagree with them? That express disdain or dislike? Well, that is part and parcel with being in the public eye right? SO what did Donie do? Did he intimidate? Threaten to oust him? Destroy him….

Now to #CNNBlackmail We see that Andrew Kaczynski was very happy late last night that they tracked down the memer who created the GIF tweeted by President Trump in question seen below.

Actual tweet sent from @potus account

The tweet was funny and in line with the personality of our President that we voted for (Stop with the Popular vote- If she had popular vote then why not hand over voter data hmmm?)

I regress.

Anyway, the fact that @CNN blackmailed the memer indicates that they found him — regardless of the #CNNBlackmail which we know happens all the time I mean they passively aggressively threaten the President of the United States in interviews! Their reporting is even contradicting too…which is hilarious — did they or did they NOT blackmail the memer. Obviously they did- judge for yourself.

Apologetic — secondary statement
Original statement by #CNN
Lies upon Lies Before or After


That is a question we would like the @FCC , @TheJusticeDept and @FBI should examine. #CNN obtained the memer’s #IP information from an #ISP . That is a FELONY. To obtain #IP information of any citizen or organization a warrant must be in place and those are even hard to get. So here is what is the most important thing about #CNNBlackmail — THEY COMMITTED A FELONY and most likely MORE than ONCE.

What needs to happen?

  1. Which ISP provided the IP information of the private citizen memer without a warrant? We should know which ISP does NOT value their customer’s privacy.
  2. How many times has this been done because Donie has done this berfore?
  3. CNN is obviously operating under felonious guidelines and has blackmailed both a citizen and our President and must in turn be penalized to the full extent of law.
  4. CNN should have their #presspasses REVOKED by the @whitehouse as they pose a threat to national and personal security.