Let’s ask Tehran

A little short insight to documents circulating online.

Obama — has been and will be known as the most Anti-American President in history. Why?

Let’s rewind to the $400 million in unmarked bills sent to IRAN that people say were for the hostages? But was it? Because another $1.6 Billion of unmarked bills was sent after.

What if I told you that was money sent to NOKO via Tehran to keep Kim quiet during election? Why else would umarked bills be physically transported? I mean — that is the ONLY way you send money you don’t want trace?

Hide the funding of ISIS? Nope. That’s done out in the open since 1997 when we hired them.

To pay ransom for our sailors? Nope. That is done by wire transfer too if needed.

Obama said “ We paid an outstanding claim at the Hague Tribunal” Really? Then why unmarked cash?

Don’t take my word for it. Ask IRAN? Our President knows that Obama knew NOKO had mini Nukes on ready. He paid him off till Hillary won. Hillary didn’t win. Back up plan initiated… let’s overthrow-with a coup. If that doesn’t work?

WAR. KIM is ready- he’s been ready but will he pull the trigger?

China, SOKO, Singapore, Japan all are friendly with NOKO that their sister nation. It’s like asking Greece to go to war with Cyrpus — It’s not going to happen. These countries have eons of history between themselves.

If the nations of the East were to pick a side they will NOT pick the USA -they will aid in taking us down to the studs. The #deepstate is taking it too far. Time to be VERY transparent because OUR lives are at stake. Don’t listen to me. I am no one. Ask Tehran- Ask Tehran. Be transparent.

Mr. President, We The People are ready for the hard cold truth. Do not fret because we have go your back. I have got your back and every other American and you know there were over 100million (#FACTS) that voted for you have your back. Everyone is ready for a dose of reality to shatter the facade that’s been up for decades. Be bold. Be the bull in the China Cabinet we need. We are ready. You have allies around the globe ready to support you in the most darkest of continents on the ready… even though you are surrounded by the tentacles of the deep state.

Ask Tehran.

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