I am as I AM. Are you?

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I’d like to share the logic of my personal revelation as it can be applied to experiencing the Absolute Reality as Oneself. I’ll begin by redefining certain words so that we are all on the same page throughout my explanations.

I am curious:

Can you follow this guide of understanding into witnessing: “I AM”?
Please, share your comments below.

Here we go!! 🙂

“I” = Awareness; that state of Being that is Aware; the presence of attention as it is focused, before it is focused and after it is focused by the perceptions of the mind. This is the divine masculine; the infinite indivisible point at the center of all experience; the source of creation; the unchanging non-self of stillness; the center of our Being within every experience.

This is the Father of Love: Truth

“AM” = Experience; the expression within and on the canvas of life; fundamental to all happenings; the primordial state of feeling(emotionally) as this extends and manifests into all other perceptions. This is the divine feminine; the infinite void which encompasses all things and non-things alike; the womb of creation; the unchanging non-self of movement; the experience of our Being around every center.

This is the Mother of Truth: Love

Together, they unite as “I AM.”

This is the true Self and the only Self within Oneself as all Selves. This is the real ‘you’ as well as the real ‘me.’ This is the immortal, invincible, impenetrable Creator. This is the God-Goddess within and as every living Being. This is the divine masculine and feminine as recognized as one unified whole, thus it is neither masculine nor feminine — no matter the expressions.

I’ll use these words: I AM, ‘you’, and ‘me’ to point to the whole Self — before it begins to take on a specific role in the story we tell ourselves called maya.
Likewise, “I AM” the primal identity of everyone in existence, because while the surface of experience changes, the experiencer and the canvas of experience will always remains the same. This is true, regardless of your acceptance or recognition of it — just like the weather.


“I am…” “I can…” I will…” “I must…” etc.

These are examples of when the primal identity is forgotten in exchange for the story we tell ourselves.

In fact, most of us have been telling stories for so long that we believe we are the storyteller i.e. the imaginary narrator. Meanwhile, we overlook that the narrator only exists as a reference within the story itself — and it does not exist outside of listening to that narration.

Technically, this storyteller is the ego as it manifests the story of itself in a first-person perspective. Yet, it is not the true Self. It is just a story and just outside of entertaining it directly, I AM forever present as an experiential fact in any situation, regardless of the circumstantial narration.

Practically speaking:

To say, “I cannot help myself,” is a true statement because the storyteller cannot help itself. It creates stories that influence experience and those experiences happen to influence the stories it tells. This is the mind as it cycles through the mind, carrying us on a journey that mirrors its own limitations.

Fundamentally, the storyteller has been telling stories for so long that it has forgotten who the real audience is. It believes that other people are watching it, while the true watcher knows everything that the storyteller has ever thought, said, or done.

More so, the storyteller unconsciously thinks that it is the actor of the story, so it hopes and fears for ‘your’ survival. Yet, it does not even recognize who ‘you’ actually are or that ‘you’ are immortal, and so long as this misunderstanding persists, the storyteller thinks that it is the actor — forcing ‘you’ to play along with its fairytale.

Thus, I have a suggestion:

Experiment with understanding the affirmative statement, “I am as I AM,” by using it to identify with your immortal identity.

This is like saying:

As the storyteller: “I am equal to the experience of the experiencer: I AM.”

By effect, this is like changing the storyboard’s assumed identity to be reflective of the true identity — gradually allowing the characteristics of the Absolute Reality to begin to penetrate the narrative of our relative experience until our narrator is empowered to narrate on behalf of the Absolute Reality.

This is what all of us want right? 
The True Seekers of Enlightenment

  • To not only experience the Absolute Reality, but to recognize it, identify it, utilize it, and share it as a personal expression of our innermost Truth.

Key Point:

As you say the statement, make sure that you identify each aspect correctly.

When you say, “I am…” recognize that you are speaking on behalf of the narrator, your ego, the storyteller. Understand that any act of speaking or thinking in terms of words is in respect to the narration.

When you say, “I AM,” recognize your Self as the Presence that is always witnessing an experience of change, yet notice that the canvas of experience and the experience itself are continuing to remain the same.

Literally take a moment to recognize this fact in your present experience — just as you might notice your back ache from sitting, or your tummy rumble from indigestion. This is a real experience and it is as real as feeling rain on your skin or a kiss on your cheek, so recognize it if you see it, or recognize if you do not see it as it occurs right now in every given moment.
I emphasize this point, because this recognition is as distinct as night and day and it is necessary in order for this statement to have the best affect on your narrative as a whole.
Do not try to see it. Just ‘SEE’.

Like all affirmations, they may work if you believe them, but they WILL work if you know them to be a true reflection of your personal experience.

At last…

I am as I AM.
Are you?