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Open Letter to Larry Krasnoff (Philosophy, College of Charleston), John Gordon (Director, how to: Academy), and Little, Brown and Company concerning Dr Rachel McKinnon’s Social Media Conduct


Edited (05/09/2019) to include Dr McKinnon’s tweets in which she states that Vancouver Rape Relief — which provides essential support to women who are victims of male violence — is likely responsible for vandalizing its own shelter in an attempt to motivate transphobia.

Edited: (01/10/2019) to include Dr McKinnon’s tweets in which she states that any sexual orientation other than “pansexual” is “transphobic” since both heterosexual and homosexual people leave trans people “out in the cold.”

Dear Larry Krasnoff, John Gordon, and Little, Brown and Co,

We are a group of diverse individuals from around the world who are writing to strongly object to Dr Rachel McKinnon’s recent on-line conduct in which she posted a series of tweets — on the 25th and 27th August — concerning Magdalen Berns, an influential young, feminist activist, who is tragically terminally ill with glioblastoma (edited: Magdalen passed away on Friday 13th Sept and Dr McKinnon posted a GIF of a skeleton dancing on a grave).

More recently (04/09/19) Dr McKinnon posted the following tweets concerning the vandalism of Vancouver Rape Relief shelter.

It is our position that, no matter whether or not one believes that trans women are — as a matter of objective fact — women, it is completely unacceptable for an Associate Professor of Philosophy with a prominent academic, media, and sporting profile (or indeed, anyone) to publicly celebrate the impending death of someone whose views they disagree with; assert that Vancouver Rape Relief has probably vandalized its own shelter (thus exacerbating the trauma of women who, unfortunately, have a need for its services) in order to create transphobia; and to imply that she does not, at a minimum, object to the desire for ‘Terfs’ to die.

It is worth noting that Dr McKinnon’s recent behaviour is not unusual as evidenced by her wishing that “Cis People” would “literally die in a grease fire”.

Somebody who derives pleasure from such a situation is, without a doubt, contravening the College of Charleston’s Mission, Vision and Values to “become productive members of society”; at odds with How to Academy’s mission to “inspire” people through reasoned, intelligent, and productive debate; and seriously undermines Little Brown’s mission to “become a respected publisher.”

As such, we call upon Dr McKinnon to publicly apologise for her behaviour, and for the College of Charleston, how to: Academy and Little, Brown and Company to consider donating to The Brain Tumour Charity in honour of Magdalen Berns.

Update 1/10/2019:

Dr McKinnon has now (30/09/2019) posted that anyone who is attracted to a particular biological sex is ‘transphobic’ and that trans people are “entitled” to sexual relationships. We take this to be, at a minimum, psychologically co-ercive and both homophobic and heterophobic (indeed, Dr McKinnon has claimed that “pansexuality” is the only “morally acceptable” sexuality.). One should not have to “learn to have fun” with a certain biological sex simply to defuse false accusations of ‘transphobia.’

Addendum: Dr McKinnon has tweeted that some names are not “substantiated” and that some are “just screen names.” This is because many women are afraid of professional and/or personal recriminations from transgender rights activists and their allies who, amongst other things, have vandalized a women’s only rape shelter, verbally harassed lesbians at Pride events, been restrained from physically assaulting Julie Bindel after an event discussing the future of women’s sex-based rights, attempted to sue women for on-line “misgendering”, and doxxed women who desire to preserve their anonymity. Given this hostile climate, I have respected the wishes of some women not to specify their location, profession, and in some cases, to simply use their on-line username.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Louise Moody, Philosopher, Leeds Resisters

Janey Barber

P. McCann

Rebecca O’Donnell

Jessica M, Canada

Ann Sinnot

Emma Mcleod

Emma Flynn

Kari Muller

Jackie Bourke

Rachel Edney

Corinna Cohn

Lois Owen

Rachel Ford

Amy Stoodley

Claire Williams

Helen Montgomery

Sarah Hodgson

Melanie Hewitt

Elizabeth Newton

Barbara McDonald

Kate Taylor

Patricia Atkinson

Penny Wilson

Christy Lawrence

Elena Mishevska, Republic of North Macedonia

Nadia Fenn

Gillian Philip

Diane Benoît

Cheryl McKenzie

Bec Fawcett-Howitt

Seani Hansen

Jennifer Garnett

Brenda Jones

Rowan Quinn Leigh, Philosophy Student and Counsellor

C. M. Williams

A. Slavidou, M. Slavidou

Michael Herbert, MA (Historian)

Alice Bondi

Trish Oliver

Dr Lesley Semmens

Lily Munroe, REAL for Women, Australia

Stacey O’Brien

Mick Allan

Charly Angle

Alessandra Asteriti

Isabelle Tracy, U.K

Dr Alicia Hendley

Carina Compagnia

Libby Edwards

Jane Loe

Sajber Vanderlast

Anita Rothon

Hennie Ingliss

Faye Gear, Canada

Dale Turner

Diane van Klaveren

Lauren Bryce

Helen Adams

Maureen Deacon

Courtney Walker

Claire Graham, Intersex Rights Advocate, U.K

Raine McLeod

Chris Burgess

Louise Morrison

Heidi Zagori

Danni Barker

Jacky Holyoake

Carol Bayliss

Grace Hawthorn

Anne Bevan

Lorie Martin

Claire Walker

Dr R Murphy

Gayna Taylor

Tania Alessandrini

Madelyn Lampark

Liz Regan

Alison Joseph

Graham Linehan, Comedy Writer

Lorraine Miller

Sherri Ingrey, B.A., LL.B, Dip. Ed., Canada

Angela Barth

Julie Heathcote

Julie Foster

Karen Goode

Elenor Hill

Eleanor Wright

Jo Campbell

Helen Roberts

Audra M Rourk

Andreia Nobre

Carol Fraser

Jo Hayes

Kathleen Anne, U.K

Andrea Stirk

Dr EM ( https://twitter.com/PankhurstEM)

Kate Scottow

Suzanne Weaver

Lewis, Lord Moonie

Jamie Hunter, Scotland, U.K

Rose Grant

Denise Prideaux BA (hons), Open. Dip. L, IP., Wales

G J Roberts

Dr Victoria Whitworth

Kate Whittingham

Alison Weir, Scotland, U.K

Ria Chapman

Object UK (www.objectnow.org, @ObjectUK)

Helen Saxby

Jillian McCormick

Michelle Thomson

Bev White

Shelley Charlesworth

Anne James

Elaine Kelly

Enzo Grimaldi

Caroline Barnard

Lizzie Pitt

Gill Rimmer

Noele Pace

A Scott

Emma Johnson

Justine Abbott

Professor Perdita Stevens

Lee McVicar

Lauren Hamstead, Leeds Resisters

Marieke B

Gaye Chapman

Vicky Miller

Paul Tracy

Stephanie Davies-Arai (Transgender Trend)

Stacy Kennedy

Dr Deborah Hayton

Alison McCormack

Victoria Jones

Posie Parker (Women’s Rights Campaigner, (Standing For Women)

Donna Critchley

Barbara Vantslot

Bernie Smith, Retired Headmaster, U.K

Louise Paine

Rebecca Heath

Abigail Elizabeth Rowland

Sheena Best

C. Turner

Katrin Maxwell

Katherine Ross

Laurel Wilson

Rachel King

Claire Pritchett

Kimberly Everett, Nova Scotia Canada

Frances Davidson

Mariel Frost-Kelly

Julie Furlong, Leeds Resisters

Judith Wright

Riven Elizabeth

Emmeline Wyndham

Ruth, Leeds Resisters

Claire Jones, Leeds Resisters

Kimmy Sabrosky

Sam Hutchinson

Judith Berridge

Karey McGlynn, Montana USA

Janine Marie Mouvet

Jennifer Chavez

M. K Fain, Co-Founder of Spinster (@mk_fain)

Dawn Furness, Filmmaker and Green Party PPC

Pam, Leeds Resisters

Sarah Summers

Emma Salmon, Educational Facilitator

Jane Roper, Guernsey

Celia Nord, Archaeologist

Valeria McDermott

Annie Ramsey

Winter C. Randall

Janisis Goocher

Susan Green, Birmingham, U.K

Naomi Dannenberg-Terrence, Leeds Resisters

‘Seven Hex’, Women’s Rights Campaigner

Sandra Easton-Lawrence

Alex Marson, Canada

Katie Alcock

Helen Watts, Former @girlguiding leader (expelled for opposing self-identification)

Jan Williams

Bill Ellson

Anna Davies, U.K

Rose H

Steve Ellwood

Inge Wood, Canada

Carole Sharp, Glasgow, Scotland

Paul Joseph McDonough

Breanna Sullivan

Ms L Gray

Lisa Singh

Tim Williamson, Brighton, U.K

Carrie Peterson

Vaishnavi Sundar

Leslie Ambedian, Toronto, Canada

Memoree Joelle, Editor in chief of Afterellen

Shereen Benjamin, Edinburgh, U.K

Fionne Orlander, Transgender Commentator

Iain Brassington, U.K

Finn Raven, Sheffield, U.K

Darina Roche-Kiang, Ireland

Sofia Simonson

Kim Stanley

Karen Gaffney

Angela Styles

Diane Guilbault

Alison Wren

Rebecca Layton-Smythe, Birmingham, U.K

Sinead Connolly

Sarah Honeychurch

Carlota Arias, Sydney, Australia

Jan Oliver

Anne McCormack, International Women’s Day Brisbane Meanjin

Susan King, U.K

Louise A Brown

Caroline Carlson

Marianne Buchanan Stewart

Rachel Eva Hobbs

Jo Honey, London, U.K

Jennifer Kavanagh, U.K

Deirdre Ni Fhionnagain

Anna N, U.K

Ursula Griffiths, U.K

J O’Connell, U.K

Melissa Kelly

Andrea Jones

Jane Callahan

C. Shepherd, MSC CBiol MIBiol

Fi Yamoto

Susan Harris, Teacher, BA (Hons)

Kris Rhodes, Australia

Tracey Smith

Elizabeth Miln

Dr Laetitia Pichevin-Harrison, Edinburgh, U.K

Al Breen

Jeanette Harteveld

Darwi Odrade

K Matcham

Pauline McGuigan, Spain

Elizabeth Miller, USA

Ms. Charlotte & Brenna MacDonald

Jennifer Lee

Marina B

Kate Tagseth, Canada

Séraphine Gervais

Jonathan Kneeland

Deborah Gosling

Martin Dufresne, Montreal, Canada

Esquerda sem Misoginia (“Left Without Misoginy”)

Zoë Lafantaisie, Canada

Margaret McCarroll

JM Janzen, Radical Feminists of Canada

Robert Burns

Ed Drain

Miki Henderson

Heather Finlay

Caroline Farrow, Journalist and Commentator

Katy Worley, U.K

Maggie Hays, U.K

Kathy Ferguson, U.K

Elizabeth Rees, U.K

M. Kramer, U.K

Alexandra Walton, U.K

Laura Holt, U.K

Fiona Dunand, U.K

Carrie Smith, U.K

Kate Prasad, U.K

Alessia Pazzano

Fabiana Pazzano

Pauline Dussault

Kat Stone

Sharon Jenkins, U.K

Fiona Morthorpe, Australia

Sarah McGurk, Norway

Valeria JB Minerva

Patricia Hardman

Miranda Yardley, Transexual Rights Activist

Karen Kennedy

Katherine Milne

Helen Chandler

Diane Reece , CSA & DV Survivor/Campaigner

Helen E Jones, U.K

Susan Betts

Amy Vegan, California

Fiona Hall, U.K

Corinne Kielty, U.K

Lucy Fox, U.K

Dr Catherine Coleman, U.K

Anne Brennan, Lawyer

Ashley Chickadel

Karen Cayer

Sarah Jayne Greet

Emma Idzikowska, U.K

Eleanor Piquet, U.K

Kay Green, U.K

Miriam Ben-Shalom, USA

Hannah Terkes

Anne Stafford, U.K

Lierre Keith, California, USA

Kate Beaumont

Karen Varley, U.K

Catherine J Beck, British Columbia, Canada

Skylar Gwynn

Susannah Davis

Clemency Macnamara, U.K

Jackie Skippings, U.K

Elena Di Mattia

Stefania Cioncolini

Sara Bernabeo

Alessia Ferranti

Chiara Olivieri

Noemi Sciangula

Alexandra Tieghi

Vivien Kitty Cefan

Antonella Mura

Halima Hadir

Giulia Poletti

Elisa Sforzin

Rossana Guarino

Raffaella De Falco

Camilla Piscopo

Prisca Nicoletti

Giulia Imbriaco

Silvia Parenza

Alessandra Lanivi

Clarissa Magro

Beatrice Grassi

Glenda Vizzini

Odile Kim

Sara Di Micco

Izabela Diana Ihnatiuc

Federica Molteni

Francesca Pellegrini

Sivilà Hemmati

Simona Adelaide Martini

Letizia Anelli

Martina Baradel

Nancy Belen Baldwin

Elena Foli

Ilaria Cattaneo

Mariangela Cascone

Anna Nestucci

Sara Manzoni

Chiara Caccavale

Greta Truglia

Maria Giulia Taccori

Daria Giovannoni

Letizia Bottoli

Serena Caldarone

Anna Laura Perrone

Vanessa Rossoni

Fabiana Saccoo

Ilaria Fusina

S.E. Hay, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE

Tom James, Medium Writer

Lucia Capotosti

Vera Viale

Diane Holyoak

Rosie S Kerr

Dr Angela Dixon, U.K

Angela Wild, Get The L Out

Lianne Timmerman, Get The L Out

Lee Kear, U.K

Sharon Campbell, U.K

Helen Robinson, U.K

Yvonne Buck, U.K

Alison Jenner

Marie Louise Almond

Rebecca Lush, Women’s Rights Activist

Anne Catherine Owl

Matt Osborne, Medium Writer

Anne Greagsby, Environmental and Women’s Rights Campaigner, U.K

Lynne Shone, U.K

Helen Morley, U.K

Suzi Sevgi, Leeds Resisters

Deanna St.Croix

Merih Zouaoui

Kathleen Schendt

Elaine Miller

Pippa Booth

Sara G-M, Volunteer at Women’s Declaration

Claire Couson, Australia

Rosa Shaw

Bea Jaspert

Emily Ward, U.K

Catherine Allen, U.K

Gillian Burston, Northumberland, U.K

Sarah J Smith, U.K

Sarah Field, U.K

Erin French, U.K

Tara Hubbard, U.K

Debbie Martin, U.K

Julie Scott, U.K

Rebecca Volley

Dr Kate Baxter

Elaine Miller

Marianne James

Samantha Black

Vicky Unsworth

Sara Morrison, U.K

Pola Tezba, Artist and Teacher, Finland

Alison Garraway, U.K

Elizabeth Peterson

Joy Vann

Mary Gordon

Patricia Garside, U.K

Silvia Castro Rodriguez, Spain

Laura Hacking, U.K

Ms T Browne

Emma Dolan, Leeds Resisters

Janine Green

Lisa Proctor

Fiona Chrystall


Kate Whaley

J Davidson

Dr David Sturm, MA, USA

Lesley Sullivan, U.K

Katherine Deves, Student-at-Law, Sydney

Julia Royce, U.K

Kim Harmon, MS, teacher

Annie Murphy

Jeanne Smith, Iowa, USA

Trudi White

Kat Dawson, Canada

Elizabeth Belsten, U.K

Alice Sparks, Scotland

Thorney Torkelson, Canada

Judi Pattinson, Australia

Jilly Gardener

Bronwen Salter-Murison

Tracy Wheeler

Julia Setters

Kim Hall

Kat Mantszi

Kirsty Rankin

Danielle Williams

Jennifer Smith

Tish Dixon-Smith

Alicia Goldkamp-Monroe

Claudia Neely (Rev.)

Arabella Ward

Joanne L Francis

Samantha Dye

Rachel Miller

Stonem Agatha

Kelvic Dyez

Jo E. Meyertons

Kathryn Pope, PPC

Catherine Coley

Kelsey Dillon

Emma Small, Reject Gender, Canada

Sarita Shere Khan

Dianne Vine

Kelly Cook

Dianne Landy

Penthesilea Maia Greenleaf

Maureen Bourke

Arthur Heeley

Jane Galloway

Karen Scott

Nik Radford, U.K

Lorrie Hartshorn

Kim Harding

Danni Cooper

Rachel Corry

Pam Thompson

Gill Fairhurst

Keren Howard

Emma MacDonald O’

Susan Fairhurst

Monika Neal

Toni Morris

Z Hameed

Ed Henighan, Leeds, U.K

Rosa Shaw, U.K

Dr Paul Litterick, New Zealand

Kellie McKenzie

Ellie Aragon

Gayle Collicutt, Nova Scotia, Canada

Annie Brockman

Rebecca Eddy

Iris Robertson

Tanya Day

Sandra M Lubrano

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