The New Chapter

Do you know that feeling of opening the new book you just bought? You get excited, yet, worry at the same time.

Or the feeling of watching the movie you have been waiting to release. You go to a cinema with that mixed feelings of excitement and worriness.

Every new thing scares you, and also excites you. You are afraid that you might get disappointed once you dive in that it might not as how you have expected. You are afraid that you might get infatuated into that new story and you get attached so much that it makes you become vulnerable.

You hate being vulnerable. You are insisted to be defeated by being vulnerable. You let outer influence determine your emotion and feelings once you are being vulnerable.

This kind of vulnerability is nothing new. You know it once you are opening up yourself to basically everything. It’s like letting yourself be exposed to some kind of new environment.

But perhaps, that kind of vulnerability is needed. After all, we grow by scars and wounds. We grow as we let new chapter begin. We grow as we let go the past. As long as we are aware to what extent we need to be vulnerable. As long as we are still in a control of our own self.

“Do not ever lose yourself” — Buddha

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